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Eric Beetner’s Job Interview

Down & Out: The Magazine No. 1

Excerpt from the review of Down & Out: The Magazine No. 1 in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7.

Slick is one sick bastard. He’s dicey about the serial partners he deems worthy of his criminal intents. The new guy, Bo, gives it a go in “On the Job Interview” by Eric Beetner. As bad as Bo’s initiation is, it’s less of an ordeal than the firing of the sucker he’s replacing. “. . . [Beetner] has amassed a number of award nominations and wins as his reputation for good old-fashioned hard-boiled prose is as uncompromising as anyone’s.” Beetner is also cohost, with S.W. Lauden, of the excellent crime fiction podcast, Writer Types.

Rick Ollerman on digest magazines

F&SF Dec. 1972

“The first time I discovered digest magazines I was a boy living in Simsbury, Connecticut. I’d walk up through the woods, jump over a small creek, walk along a road, cut through a graveyard and then the Little League fields, and finally down a hill to the public library. I’d wander through the upstairs section, with the adult books, and at some point, I came across boxes of old Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact magazines. I think they were being edited either by Ben Bova or Stanley Schmidt at that time.”

Excerpted from the interview with Rick Ollerman that appears in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7.

Opening Lines

Down & Out: The Magazine No. 1

“I had just gotten into my car, just dropped my new dog off at Donna’s Dog Care, when I saw her get out of a red SUV: Sheila Kemper.”

“Trash” by Jen Conley Down & Out: The Magazine #1 August 2017

Hardboiled, Noir and Gold Medals

Hardboiled, Noir and Gold Medals

Rick Ollerman’s Hardboiled, Noir and Gold Medals collects many of his essays from the collected works of paperback original authors, published by Stark House Press. Below is an excerpt from his interview in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7 in which he describes his approach to research for his essays:

“Whenever I write an essay, I always want to find something new to say about either that writer or their work, maybe both.

“It’s not always easy to know what that something new is going to be before I start researching and taking notes for the essay. In fact, it’s usually not. Sometimes I have an idea what it could be, and sometimes it even works out, but often not. Very often in the case of some of the paperback original guys, no one seems to have written down much about them, and reading is my primary form of research.”

Rick Ollerman is a writer and editor of Down & Out: The Magazine.

Ollerman’s Triggers

Hardboiled, Noir and Gold Medals by Rick Ollerman

Excerpt from Rick Ollerman’s interview in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7 (Rick is a writer, and the editor of Down & Out: The Magazine):

TDE: Take us back to the beginning of your love affair with reading > crime fiction > and the giants of the PBO era

RO: Things didn’t get serious until my adult life, and the two things that probably did the most to trigger further adventure were the nearly simultaneous discoveries of the introduction of the Gregg Press edition of Donald Westlake’s The Hunter, and coming across Ed Gorman’s blog. Westlake talks about Peter Rabe and some things from his past, and Gorman talks about nearly everything else.

Terrence McCauley’s Solitary Man

Down & Out: The Magazine No. 1

Excerpt from the review of Down & Out: The Magazine No. 1 in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7.

For crime with a more international import, Terrence McCauley’s crowd from The University series leaves Inspector Alain Ducard on the banks of the Seine with two murders on his hands. “The Solitary Man” is espionage told just the way you didn’t see coming, with menace beneath its decorum and elegance, conversations with unspoken portent, and a fractured morality fraught between what’s right and what’s best for someone or something greater.