Frank Kane


Manhunt No. 7 July 1953

Manhunt No. 7 July 1953

Manhunt Detective Story Monthly Vol. 1 No. 7 July 1953
Fredric Brown “The Wench is Dead”
Craig Rice “Quiet Day in the County Jail” art by J.Q. Farris
Fletcher Flora “I’ll Kill for You”
Jonathan Lord “Day’s Work”
Evan Hunter “Good and Dead” (Matt Cordell) art by R. Cossette
Bruno Fischer “Say Goodby to Janie” art by Rus Anderson
Hunt Collins “The Follower” art by R. Cossette
Vincent H. Gaddis’ Crime Cavalcade
Elliot West “I’m Getting Out” art by J.Q. Farris
Frank Kane “Evidence” (Johnny Liddell)
Dan Sontup’s Portrait of a Killer No. 2: Charles Henry Schwartz
Richard S. Prather “The Double Take” (Shell Scott)
Arnold Marmor “Heirloom”
Mugged and Printed: Fredric Brown, Bruno Fischer, Frank Kane, Craig Rice

Flying Eagle Publications, Inc,
Editor: John McCloud
Managing Editor: E.A. Tulman
Art Director: Chas. W. Adams
Business Manager: R.E. Decker
144 pages, 35¢

Johnny Liddell’s Morgue

Johnny Liddell’s Morgue by Frank Kane

Published by Dell in 1956, Johnny Liddell’s Morgue is a collection of Frank Kane’s short stories starring PI Liddell from earlier magazines, primarily Manhunt. Here’s the rundown:

“Lead Ache” Manhunt May 1954
“Frame” Manhunt August 1954
“Return Engagement” Manhunt Feb. 1955
“The Dead Grin” Manhunt June 1955
“A Package for Mr. Big” The Saint Detective Magazine Sep. 1954
“A Game of Murder” Mobsters Feb. 1953
“Morgue-Star Final” Crack Detective Stories July 1945
“Gory Hallelujah!” Private Eye Dec. 1953

Manhunt Detective Story Monthly March 1953

Manhunt March 1953Contents
Richard S. Prather “The Sleeper Caper” (Shell Scott)
Evan Hunter “Dead Men Don’t Dream” (Matt Cordell)
Bruno Fischer “Stop Him!”
Robert Patrick Wilmot “Triple-Cross”
Leslie Charteris “The Loaded Tourist” (The Saint)
Frank Kane “Payoff” (Johnny Liddell)
Craig Rice “The Tears of Evil” (John J. Malone)
Harold Q. Masur “The Mourning After” (Scott Jordan)
Mickey Spillane “Everybody’s Watching Me” (Part 3 of 4)
William Lindsay Gresham “Teaser”
Floyd Mahannah “Prognosis Negative”
Richard Marsten “Against the Middle”

Manhunt Detective Story Monthly Jan. 1953

Manhunt No. 1 coverContents
“Everybody’s Watching Me” by Mickey Spillane (Part 1 of 4) art by Joe Kubert
“Die Hard” by Evan Hunter
“I’ll Make the Arrest” by Charles Beckman, Jr.
“The Hunted” by William Irish
“The Best Motive” by Richard S. Prather (Shell Scott)
“Shock Treatment” by Kenneth Millar
“The Frozen Grin” by Frank Kane (Johnny Liddell)
Backfire by Floyd Mahannah
“The Set-Up” by Sam Cobb
“Who is Vetter?” (coming next issue)

Manhunt No. 1 back cover