Gerry Ransom


The Sleazy Reader #6 Feb. 2018

The Sleazy Reader #6 coverVirtually a one-man show (with a little help from his friends), as editor Justin Marriott contributes all the articles, reviews, and conducts the interview.

Sleazy Musings
“Coffee, Tea or Me?” The air stewardess in sleaze paperback.
Interview with artist Monte Rodgers “Holloway House Memories”
“Invasion of the Cycle Brutes” a fistful of short story reviews of early ’70s Men’s Adventure mags
“A Pack of Vixens” reviews of New English Library’s world “Phwoar” novels circa ’70s
“The Sexpert” Lancer Books’ ‘sexy spy’ series by Gerry Ransom

The Sleazy Reader #6 back coverThe Sleazy Reader #6 Feb. 2018
Editor: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
Scans: Brian Emrich
6” x 9” 58 pages, full color
POD only $8.99
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