Henry Slesar


Alfred Hitchcock Feb. 1964

Alfred Hitchcock Feb. 1964

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 9 No. 2 Feb. 1964
Alfred Hitchcock: Dear Readers
Henry Slesar “Second Verdict”
Duane Yarnell “The Bent Frame”
Arthur Porges “Blood Will Tell”
Robert Edmond Alter “A Habit for the Voyage”
Thomasina Weber “The Handiest Man Around”
Wenzell Brown “The Lure”
Hilda Cushing “She Loved Funerals”
Clark Howard “Four and Twenty Blackbirds”
Jonathan Craig “The Baby”
Gene Pollock “The Time of His Life”
Miranda Wallace “A Touch of Magic”
Edward Wellen “Siege Perilous”
Richard Deming “The Sensitive Juror”
Carroll Mayers “The Big Grab”
Bernice Balfour “The Vision of Mrs. Hardy”

Editor: Richard E. Decker
160 pages, 50¢

Contents from Galactic Central.

Amazing Stories Science Fiction Novel

Amazing Stories Science Fiction Novel

Steve Carper explains his criteria for One-and-Dones in the excerpts below from part one of his series that appears in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7–9:

“My criteria are subjective, obviously. I only include fiction; anthologies and collections count alongside novels, but nonfiction is out . . . . To be included, publishers had to be legitimate companies devoted to putting out the work of others . . . . Trying to settle on a definitionof a “digest” was surprisingly difficult . . . . I do not include chapbooks . . . . This [series] is my attempt to merge all my research into a single source listing.”

Steve proceeds in alphabetical order.

Amazing Stories Science Fiction Novel is about as awkward an appellation as publishers’ lines ever get. Fortunately, its sole book was the 1957 movie tie-in 20 Million Miles to Earth by Henry Slesar. This is a prime collectible because of its rarity and the gigantic space lizard from Venus on its cover.”

Per the criteria, not a true One-and-Done as it was published by giant Ziff-Davis, but nevertheless a fascinating one-shot.