Joseph Chadwick


Western Magazine No. 3

Western Magazine No. 3

Richard Matheson “Son of a Gunman” art by Borgos
Paul E. Holland “Power Within”
C. William Harrison “Ride a Rough Mile” art by M. Baker
Marvin De Vries “Fiddle-Foot Man” art by M. Baker
Alfred D. Geto “Old Nevada’s Cache”
J.L. Bouma “Meet Me in Boothill”
Elmore Leonard “Jugged” art by Borgos
Joseph Chadwick “The Untamed Breed”

Western Magazine Vol. 1 No. 3 Dec. 1955
Publisher: Martin Goodman
Editor: Harry Widmer
Business Manager: Monroe Froehlich
Art Director: Mel Blum
Art Editor: Robert C. O’Neill
Cover: M. Engel
~5.5” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

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Opening Lines

Western Magazine July 1957

“The rain came with nightfall, and the prisoner lay in the darkness listening to its dreary drumming.”
“Gunsmoke Over Wyoming” by Joseph Chadwick Western Magazine July 1957