Men of Violence


Fanatic HQ Update

Men of Violence No. 11 (draft)Justin Marriott’s update on The Paperback Fanatic’s fall schedule:

Issue 7 of Pulp Horror is now available through Amazon UK, Europe and US.

Articles for issue 40 of The Paperback Fanatic are just back from being proof-read, so expect that in October.  A real eclectic mix, with something (I hope) for everyone.

And the first draft cover for issue 11 of Men of Violence (shown here) – I hate the phrase bad-ass, but that is exactly what it is.  It will be a historical fiction special which will out before Xmas.

Issue 8 of Pulp Horror is just about in place and Sleazy Reader 8 is also coming together.  So it’s a busy time here at Fanatic HQ.

Men of Violence No. 10

Men of Violence No. 10The fanzine of vintage men’s adventure paperbacks.

Justin Marriott: Intro
Justin Marriott: Book Safari (JM’s latest PB acquisitions)
Frazetta’s Blazing Combat
The Paperback Warrior: Quick-fire reviews from The Paperback Warrior gang.
Tom Simon: Searching for the D.C. Man
Justin Marriott: Killing in the Name of (The Killers series)
Andreas Decker: A Fistful of Dynamit (Mister Dynamit)
Eric Compton: Highway to Hell (Roadblaster trilogy)
Justin Marriott: The Romantic Hooligan (Glasgow-noir by Iain Blair)
Robert Deis & Wyatt Doyle Interviewed by Justin Marriott about Pollen’s Women

Men of Violence No. 10 back coverMen of Violence No. 10 May 2018
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
Cover: Rik Rawling
64 pages, 6” x 9” (A5-size) perfect bound
POD only $10.00
The Paperback Fanatic website

Double Trouble

Hot Lead No. 2
Hot Lead No. 2 cover by Tony Masero

Paperback collectors and enthusiasts will soon be able to dive into Justin Marriott’s next pair of ‘zines, Hot Lead No. 2 and Men of Violence No. 10. Both available in print editions from Amazon by the middle of June. Pictured are the back and front covers, with the backs showing images of what’s in store inside.

Men of Violence No. 10
Men of Violence No. 10 cover by Rik Rawling

Cover Preview

Men of Violence No. 10Prolific publisher Justin Marriott is working on an impressive queue of magazines for the balance of the year. He sent the full list to TDE which you can read about in the News Digest section of book eight, either by purchasing a copy or simply reading the preview pages available on amazon.

Late last week Justin sent a preview of the cover for Men of Violence No. 10, which will be released by the end of June. In the meantime, issues No. 4–9 are available now.

Paperback Fanatic website

Hat tip to John O’Neill for including the cover of TDE8 in his “Late May Fantasy Magazine Rack” summary on Black Gate.

The Fanatic Newsletter

From this morning’s mail, from Justin Marriott.

Justin Marriott's newsletter


The Paperback Fanatic 39
Now available through Amazon UK, Europe and US. Although the back cover states it’s issue 37, because I am an imbecile, it’s definitely issue 39! 100 pages, all colour, ALL NEW, an eclectic mix of articles and contributors.

Pulp Horror 5
An abridged reprint of the out-of-print issue designed as a tester for Amazon and for those that might want to try the title – DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY

Pulp Horror 6
An abridged reprint of the out-of-print issue designed as a tester for Amazon and for those that might want to try the title – DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY


The Sleazy Reader 6
ALL NEW – stewardesses in sleaze paperback, World ‘Phwoar’ Two New English Library paperbacks, sexy spies, rare art from vintage men’s mags. This will be available through Amazon in early February.

The Sleazy Reader 7
A reprint of the drugs and biker material from issue 35 of The Fanatic designed for the new audience available through Amazon, DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY OF 35 OF THE FANATIC


Hot Lead
In collaboration with Paul Bishop, I will finally publish a zine dedicated to vintage western paperbacks. Yee-haw!

Men of Violence 2
A reprint of the issue dedicated to Manor Books and their men’s adventure paperbacks. I expect this to be very different to the original, and in colour.

Monster Media (not sure about the title, but it’ll do the job for now…)
A zine dedicated to monster mags, but casting the net more widely than Famous Monsters to take in some real obscurities and even fanzines