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Michael Neno’s Life-Changing Guide to Decluttering Your Comic Book Collection

The critics are calling Michael Neno’s Life-Changing Guide to Decluttering Your Comic Book Collection new mini comic “transformative,” “revelatory,” and “essential.” Its universal theme transcends mere comic books, imparting knowledge applicable to any obsessive acquisitional behavior. Profusely illustrated, the guide reveals practical, actionable instruction in easy-to-follow pictograms with explanatory text for those who desire in-depth discussion of its revolutionary concepts. Don’t miss this opportunity to add yet another volume to your ever-growing library. Tuck it into the notes and reminders beside your computer so it’s always top-of-mind as you scour eBay for treasures guaranteed to bring joy.

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Lesann Berry’s Edge of Eternity

Michael Neno's illo for The Edge of Eternity

Illustrated by Michael Neno, Lesann Berry’s third episode of her Alternate History Archive appears in The Digest Enthusiast No. 7. Here’s the opening paragraph:

“The ruin crumbled around Kiefer, hunks of concrete dropping away to litter the ragged piles of rubble below. Inside the fractured shell of the embassy, in the days after the bombs finally stopped falling, and before the stench of the fallen became unbearable, he bore witness to the destruction. Camera crews swarmed over the twisted jungle of rebar, shutters snapping, and journalistic fever roaring. He and a handful of other soldiers stood watch, scanning the devastation for aggressive response. The others, also like him, bit the insides of their cheeks raw, chewing the words down to crumbs so they couldn’t escape. Instead, they spat them out, brief splatters of saliva coagulating in the ash and dust until the rapacious summer air sucked away the tiny oases of moisture.”

Fiction, News, and Reviews

Inside The Digest Enthusiast No. 9 January 2019:

The Digest Enthusiast No. 9 pages 50 and 51

Crime, espionage, and fantasy fiction by Michael Bracken, Josh Pachter, and Joe Wehrle, Jr., with art from Marc Myers, Michael Neno, and Joe.

News from all your favorite genre digest magazines, straight from their editors’ lips, including every newsstand stalwart, and the new generation of POD/digital stars.

In-depth reviews of EconoClash Review, Nostalgia Digest, Occult Detective Quarterly, and Hot Lead.

Plus over 100 digest magazine cover images, cartoons by Bob Vojtko and Clark Dissmeyer, first issue factoids, and more.

Cover by Ed Emshwiller, 160 pages, published by Larque Press. $8.99 print, $2.99 digital.

Eppstein and Neno’s Vicar

Nix Comics Quarterly No. 10Michael Neno has drawn a new adventure of “The Vicar” for Ken Eppstein’s Nix Comics Quarterly. NCQ No. 10 includes the following:

Ken Eppstein & Michael Neno “The Night has 1,000 Eyes” (The Vicar and His Choir)
Ken Eppstein & Gideon Kendall “Eddie and Squid Return from the Grave”
Ken Eppstein & Mark Rudolph “Klaus Nomi Pays in Grass”
Ken Eppstein & Liz Valasco “Bus Stop Ned is Worried About His Appearance”
Ken Eppstein & Pat Redding Scanlon “Ana Tatsura Meets Josephine Six-Fifteen”
Matt Miner, Matt Lejeune & Matt Krotzer “Bus Stop Ned Off the Grid”
Ken Eppstein “Holy Snot! (Nix Comics news)
Michael Neno “The Mug & Brush Barbershop” (back cover)

Nix Comics Quarterly No. 10 is available for $5.00 direct from Nix Comics & Records Mail Order

Opening Lines

Story illustration by Michael Neno“Kiefer dropped down the rabbit hole. Deep inside his head he knew the descent into empty darkness was just another shot at teasing Death, an opportunity to rub shoulders with the Reaper. He sucked in a breath, filling his lungs with foul air as he swung from the edge of the trapdoor, arms and fingers straining with the effort.”

Opening paragraph from “Down the Rabbit Hole” by Lesann Berry, episode two of the Alternate History Archive, from The Digest Enthusiast book six, June 2017. Illustrated by Michael Neno.


ForbiddenCartoonist/illustrator Michael Neno’s Lovey Dovey is back in a new mini comic where he encounters one road block after another to his normally lovey-dovey ways. Find out how he handles the stress and strain of this nightmare in Forbidden!

Browse over to the NenoWorld minicomics page for ordering info.

Forbidden back cover

Odysseus Rex

Odysseus Rex coverAvailable now, direct from its creator, the Odysseus Rex ashcan. Longtime TDE contributor, Michael Neno is working on a graphic novel, an “adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey, written and drawn in the style of bombastic mainstream superhero comics of the early ’90s!”

This digest-size, 16-page preview is full color throughout, featuring the opening pages of the novel and full page illustrations of its cast: Odysseus, Poseidon, Penelope, Hermes, Athena, Calypso, and Ares.

Send $5 ppd to Michael Neno’s PayPal for your copy!

Watch the project develop at Odysseus Rex on FB.

Odysseus Rex back cover