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News Digest Feb. 28, 2020

Astounding 5-44, Fantastic 3-65

Paul Fraser reviews Astounding Science Fiction Vol. 33 No. 3 May 1944 on SF Magazines.

Victoria Silverwolf reviews Fantastic Vol. 14 No. 3 March 1965 on Galactic Journey.

Guns + Tacos Vol. 1 & 2

The print version of season one of Guns + Tacos season one arrived last Saturday. Each of its two volumes, created and edited by Michael Bracken and Trey H. Barker include three stories around 40 pages each. Volume One: Gary Phillips, Bracken, and Frank Zafiro. Volume Two: Barker, William Dylan Powell, James A. Hearn, and a bonus story by Bracken, making this the thicker of the two volumes. Season Two has been ordered and will begin later this year from Down & Out Books.

Boy Detective, Find the Money

Art Taylor writes about the story order in his new anthology The Boy Detective & The Summer of ’74 at Auntie M Writes. (Hat tip Kevin Tipple).

Artist and author Tony Gleeson’s new book, Find the Money, is now available on amazon. The mysterious Vanessa has vanished, and it’s worth a million dollars to a vicious drug lord to get her back. But the ransom disappears, turning up in the hands of a bewildered innocent bystander, while ruthless gangsters and hapless kidnappers alike desperately search for the money. Meanwhile, Detective Marlon Morrison, who only wants to comfortably ride out the final year and a half before his retirement without incident, finds himself involved with a growing succession of murder victims, and a bizarre case growing in complexity by the hour…

Josh Pachter talks to Publisher’s Weekly about his anthologies The Misadventures of Ellery Queen and The Misadventures of Nero Wolfe. (Hat tip Michael Bracken)

Doug Draa announced on Facebook that Weirdbook No. 42 has gone to print!

A.T. Sayre describes his joy and appreciation at having his first story, “Rover,” published in the venerable Analog.

AHMM & EQMM Mar/Apr 2020

Found all four March/April 2020 Dell digests on shelves this week at my local Barnes & Noble’s. Alfred Hitchcock’s features William Burton McCormick’s cover story “Night Train to Berlin.” Ellery Queen’s cover highlights its “Mystery Strangers” theme. Although not listed on the cover, indie favorite Preston Lang also has a story inside—congrats!

Asimov's & Analog Mar/Apr 2020

Asimov’s cover features Nancy Kress’ “Semper Augustus” and Analog continues their retro-look celebration of their 90th year. Note F&SF Editor C.C. Finley’s name on the cover, and inside there’s a new story by Edd Vick* and Manny Frishberg. *Vick as interviewed by D. Blake Werts in The Digest Enthusiast No. 6.

Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan/Feb 2020

Corey Flintoff talks about his “Interlude in Arcadia” (F&SF J/F 2020) on the Fantasy & Science Fiction blog.

Readin’ and Writin’
Finished the audio book version of The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and loved it. I listened while driving and more than once got so lost in the gorgeous prose I had to try to remember what was happening in the plot. Narrator Ray Porter’s cadence and inflections are a perfect match to Tom Hanks’.

Also on audio, I listened to Break Shot: My First 21 Years by James Taylor. A intimate memoir with Taylor’s recollections of family dysfunction, fighting addiction, and working with Danny (Kootch) Kortchmar, Peter Gordon, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, and Carol King. This guided tour of his early life is interspersed with his gorgeous melodies. Riveting, sad, and unforgettable.

Mike Shayne June 1957

In print, I read Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine June 1957. This issue wraps up the trilogy of the serialized Weep for a Blond Corpse, with more action and excitement than the previous two installments. It also boasts two outstanding novelets by Helen Nielsen and Tedd Thomey, as well as some fine short stories by Fletcher Flora, James Schucker, D.E. Forbes, Murray Wolf, and F. Keston Clarke. A great issue of a great digest magazine! Watch for my reviews in a coming issue of bare•bones.

Jeff Vorzimmer, editor of Stark House Press’ Best of Manhunt, read through the current issue of The Digest Enthusiast and awarded it a 5-Star rating this week on GoodReads. Thanks much, Jeff!

TDE12 Update: Met with my writing group on Thursday and shared my review of Paperback Fanatic No. 43, which will appear in TDE12. Also completed the initial layout of my interview with Tony Gleeson for the issue. Thanks to Tony, it’s loaded with beautiful artwork—mostly from vintage digests.

True Crime Detective Summer 1953

From the Vault
Ad copy on page 2: “. . . if you enjoy this issue let us enter a subscription for you so that True Crime Detective may be delivered to you on or before publication date without extra cost. You will find each issue a little better than the one before—an anthology of the best detective true crime stories new and old.” Cost? $1.40 for 4 issues. In 2020 dollars that’s $13.53. I have a feeling it would be more, but I’d get it if it were still being published today. Next week: the final issue.

True Crime Detective Vol. 3 No. 3 Summer 1953
Contents Page
W.T. Brannon “Rendezvous at Rondout”
Joseph Shillips “They Wrote Their Own Convictions”
Homer Croy “Cherokee Bill”
William Roughead “The Merrett Mystery”
Manly Wade Wellman “The General Dies at Dusk”
Miriam Allen deford “The Reluctant Lover”
Frank Mullady “Judgement for a Messiah”

Publisher: Lawrence E. Spivak
Editors: Anthony Boucher, J. Francis McComas
General Manager: Joseph W. Ferman
Managing Editor: Robert P. Mills
Advisory Editor: Charles Angoff
Art Director: George Salter
Cover: Dirone Photography from “Rendezvous at Rondout”
5.5” x 7.75” 128 pages 35¢

Mike Shayne Oct. 1957

Mike Shayne Oct. 1957

Brett Halliday: Variety and Range
Contents Page
Brett Halliday “One Death Too Many”
Robert Turner “Accident”
Earl Basinsky, Jr. “The Prison Break”
Robert Sheckley “Charter for Murder”
Theodore Sturgeon “A Crime for Llewellyn”
Roe Richmond “Assignment at Las Vegas”
Dick Boylan “Blueprint for a Blonde”
Hal Ellson “Sooner or Later”
Stan Mumme “Eye-Witness”

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 2 No. 4 Oct. 1957
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
5.25” x 7.75” 128 pages 35¢

Mike Shayne Dec. 1957

Mike Shayne Dec. 1957

Brett Halliday: Weddings . . . and Funerals
Contents Page
Brett Halliday “Lilies for the Bride” art by Leo Morey
John Jakes
“The Affair of the Second Dracula”
D.E. Forbes “The Fifth One” art by Bowman
Rufus King
“Murder on Her Mind” art by Leo Morey
Henry Slesar
“Fly Home to Betsy” art by Leo Morey
Frederic (Fredric) Sinclair “Sky Caper”
John Bennett Stacey “The Dangerous Decision”
Curtis W. Casewit “You Can’t Buy Guts” art by Leo Morey
W.R. Drobnich
“Who Else, Mac?

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 2 No. 5 Dec. 1957
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
5.25” x 7.75” 128 pages 35¢

Mike Shayne June 1957

Mike Shayne June 1957

Brett Halliday: The Challenge in Mystery Writing
Contents Page
Helen Nielsen “The Long Walk to Death”
Fletcher Flora “Only the Best for Bowser”
James Shucker “Carny Blood”
Tedd Thomey “Slay-ride to Eternity”
Ted Reynolds “Identification in Red”
D.E. Forbes “In a Neat Package”
Brett Halliday (Davis Dresser) “Weep for a Blond Corpse” part three
Murray Wolf “The Little Glass Tubes”
Keston Clarke “Poison at Eight”

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 2 No. 2 June 1957
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
5.25” x 7.75” 144 pages 35¢

Mike Shayne April 1957

Mike Shayne April 1957

Still a bi-monthly in April 1957, this issue is the first to use the new title “Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.” Page count drops from 160 to 144.

Brett Halliday: Dr. Shamus Shayne
Contents Page
Frank Ward “Death Aboard the Cruiser”
Lawrence Treat “Twice Around the Block”
Brett Halliday (Davis Dresser) “Weep for a Blond Corpse” part two
Walt Sheldon “Line of Fire”
C.L. Sweeney, Jr. “Soft, White Body”
William R. Cox “Who Wants You?”
Richard Deming “The Strange Collaboration”
Arthur Feldman “The Cardinal Sin”

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 2 No. 1 April 1957
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
Cover: Vic Donahue
5.25” x 7.75” 144 pages 35¢

Michael Shayne Feb. 1957

Michael Shayne Feb. 1957

Most of the Mike Shayne short novels that appeared in his digest magazine were ghost written under the Brett Halliday pseudonym. But this issue features the first of a three-part series presenting a brand new full-length novel by Davis Dresser himself. “Weep for a Blond Corpse” ran in the Feb., April, and June 1957 issues. This issue was the last one with “Michael,” in the title; it was strictly ”Mike” from here on.

Brett Halliday’s Goal to Go! (intro)
Contents Page
Brett Halliday “Weep for a Blond Corpse” part one
Veronica Parker Johns “The Cannibal Oxen”
Lee E. Wells “Desert of Death”
Robert O’Niel Bristow “The Naked Trap”
Jay Carroll “A Dress for May Lou”
Irving Burstiner’s Find the Detective (puzzle)
Henry Slesar “The Right Kind of House”
Samuel W. Taylor “Night of the Full Moon”
Robert Bloch “The Real Bad Friend”
Frank Kane “The Rumble”

Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 1 No. 6 Feb. 1957
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
5.25” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

Michael Shayne No. 5

Michael Shayne No. 5

Leo Margulies’s Big Shayne Coming UP
Brett Halliday (unknown ghost writer) “A Challenge in Corpses”
Will Cotton “A Long Time Dying”
Jonathan Craig “Sunday’s Slaughter”
Thelma L. Beach “The Frightened Passenger”
Tedd Thomey “Brother, Brother . . .”
Theresa Anne O’Malley “No Questions”
William Campbell Gault “I’ll Be Waiting”
Richard Deming “Comfort for the Grave”
Peter Cheyney “He Walked in Her Sleep”

Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 1 No. 5 Jan. 1957
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Editor: Sam Merwin, Jr.
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
5.25” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

Michael Shayne No. 4

Michael Shayne No. 4

Brett Halliday’s (Leo Margulies?) The Heel’s the Thing
Brett Halliday (Sam Merwin, Jr.) “Mark Me for Murder” (Mike Shayne)
Mann Rubin “The Gold Ring”
George Fielding Eliot “Emergency Call—State Police”
De Forbes “The Secret Secret Secret”
Kenneth Fearing “Shadow of Fame”
Margaret Manners “Hard Way Out”
David Margerson “Cyanide Cocktail”
Walt Sheldon “The Silent Weapon”
W.T. Ballard “Crescent City Blues”
Val Morrow “The Black Box”

Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 1 No. 4 Dec. 1956
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Editor: Sam Merwin, Jr.
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
5.25” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

Michael Shayne No. 3

Michael Shayne No. 3

Brett Halliday’s (Leo Margulies?) Salute from Mike Shayne
Brett Halliday (Sam Merwin, Jr.) “Who Shot the Duke?”
Theodore Sturgeon & Don Ward “The Deadly Innocent”
Walt Sheldon “Dead Man’s Cat”
Vic Rodell “To Anita—With Murder”
Herbert Harris “A Grave for Lydia”
Raymond Drennen “The Generous Corpse”
De Forbes “Lie Down—You’re Dead”
Colin G. Jameson “Blood on the Golden Fleece”
G.B. Gilford “Marked for Murder”
Norman Struber “New Man in Town”

Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 1 No. 3 Nov. 1956
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Editor: Sam Merwin, Jr.
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
Production: Joan Sherman
Cover: Ed Emshwiller
5.25” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

Michael Bracken’s “A Matter of Policy”

Mike Shayne Feb. 1985

Excerpt from Michael Bracken’s interview for The Digest Enthusiast No. 8:

TDE: Another Shayne story, “A Matter of Policy,” about a crooked claims adjuster, is tightly plot-ted, with elements that all come together by the story’s end. Are you a plotter or pantser? What’s your writing process today and how has it evolved over the years?

MB: I had to reread “A Matter of Policy” because I didn’t remember it, and I was pleasantly surprised how well the story holds up after all these years.

Alas, nothing in my notes reminds me how this story came together, so I’ll talk more generally about my process.

I am a combination plotter and pantser—a plantser, if you will. Many of my stories begin when I write an opening scene that introduces a character or characters and an inciting incident. Too often, that’s all I have. Then the story sits—sometimes a few days, but occasionally several years—before
I return to it. I may then plot the next few scenes or the entire balance of the story before continuing the writing. So, I often begin a story as a pantser and finish it as a plotter.

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 49 No. 2 Feb. 1985
Hal Blythe & Charles Sweet writing as Brett Halliday “The Quick and the Dead”
Mike Taylor “The ‘B’ Murders”
Stewart Street “Music Man”
Joseph A. Sekelsky “The Charm Bracelet”
Mel Washburn “Sweet Sister”
Alan Warren “Smithereens”
Michael Bracken “A Matter of Policy”
Richard Connolly’s Purloined Letter (art quiz)
Lane Marsh “A Delicate Situation”
John Ball’s Stiff Competition (book reviews)
Best By Mail (classifieds)

Publishers: Edward & Anita Goldstein
Editor: Charles E. Fritch
Art Director: Robin Schaffer
Founder: Leo Margulies
Cover: Pecoraro
5.25” x 7.75” 130 pages $1.75