Milton Lesser


Rocket Stories July 1953

Rocket Stories July 1953

Rocket Stories Vol. 1 No. 2 July 1953

Wade Kaempfert: An Editorial on The Glory Road
Algis Budrys “Blood on My Jets” art by Alex Ebel
George O. Smith “Home is the Spaceman” art by Kelly Freas
Milton Lesser “Picnic” art by Joseph Eberle
Poul Anderson “The Temple of Earth” art by Paul Orban
Wade Kaempfert: Route to the Planets
Ben Smith “Sequel” art by Milton Berwin
Charles E. Fritch “Breathes There a Man” art by H.R. Smith
Irving Cox, Jr. “To the Sons of Tomorrow” art by Tom Beecham
William Scarff “Firegod”

Editor: Wade Kaempfert (Lester del Rey)
Assoc. Editor: John Vincent, E. Lynn
Art Director: Milton Berwin
Cover: Alex Schomberg
160 pages, 35¢

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Milton Lesser’s The Circle

Story splashpageThe final story in Marvel Science Stories, May 1951:

In “The Circle,” Milton Lesser explores immortality through a husband and wife who, after traveling from one end of the universe to the other, settle on Earth. An Earth with no other humans and with the couple’s immortality contingent on their abstinence from procreation. A well-crafted story built on too many illogical contingencies.

Milton Lesser (1928–2008) wrote science fiction under his given name and his detective stories, including the Chester Drum series, under the pseudonym Stephen Marlowe.