Mineshaft No. 35 Winter 2018

Mineshaft No. 35 coverJay Lynch Memorial Issue

Inside front cover: Art Spiegelman and R. Crumb
Jay Lynch (text) & Ed Piskor (art) “Monkey Mind!”
Charles Bukowski (text) & Pat Moriarity (art) “The Flashing of the Odds”
Billy Childish “4 Poems” with two drawings by Noah Van Sciver
R. Crumb: sketchbook drawing
Robert Armstrong: ink drawing
Aaron Lange: Kate Bush
Mary Fleener: excerpt from “Billie the Bee”
R. Crumb: sketchbook drawing
Jay Lynch: Centerspread
Jay Lynch: Mineshaft No. 23 cover
Christoph Mueller: sketchbook drawing
R. Crumb: Beauty World Magazine, Fall 2014, Marketing and Merchandising Jargon
Christoph Mueller “Confessions of a Pen-Addict”
Bill Griffith: Zippy comic strips
David Collier “Ontario”
Pete Poplaski: sketchbook drawing
Aaron Lange: sketchbook drawing
Nina Bunjevac: sketchbook drawing
William Crook, Jr.: excerpt from “Derelict Taverns”
Mineshaft No. 35 back coverR. Crumb “Excerpts From R. Crumb’s Dream Diary”
Rika Deryckere: sketchbook drawing
R. Crumb: sketchbook drawing
1948 Advertisement “New Easy Way Teaches Guitar”
Back cover: Robert Armstrong

Mineshaft No. 35 Winter 2018
44 pages, plus cover (5.5” x 8.5”) saddle-stitch binding
Edited and Published by Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri
Assistant Art Director: Pat Moriarity
Print run: 1500 copies
$9.00 from Mineshaft Magazine, select comics shops and bookstores