Peter Enfantino


The Manhunt Companion

The Manhunt Companion

The Manhunt Companion [March 2021] (Stark House Press, $19.95, 410pp, tp, Caliente Design)
Table of Contents
7 • Preface • Jeff Vorzimmer • pr
9 • The History of Manhunt • Jeff Vorzimmer • es
17 • Manhunt Story Reviews 1953–1967 • Peter Enfantino • sz
295 • Stories and Articles by Issue • Anon • ix
333 • Alphabetical Index by Story • Anon • ix
365 • Alphabetical Index by Author • Anon • ix
405 • Alphabetical Index by Series • Anon • ix
409 • TV Episodes based on Manhunt Stories • Anon • ix

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Contents formatted in the style of Phil Stephensen-Payne’s Galatic Central reference website.
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Bare•Bones No. 5

Bare•Bones No. 5

bare•bones [#5 Winter 2021] ed. Peter Enfantino, John Scoleri (Cimarron Street Books, $9.95, 110pp, digest)
1 • Contents Page
2 • Dueling Editorials • Peter Enfantino, John Scoleri • ed
3 • The Overlooked Library • Don D’Ammassa • ar
9 • Segmentation: Robert Bloch’s Twilight Zone: The Movie • Matthew R. Bradley • ar
16 • The Whistler Walks By Night • Holger Haase • ar
36 • Digging Into Crime Digests: Trapped and Guilty • Peter • ar
44 • What’s On the Tube? TV Guide Flashback: May 3–9, 1980 • John Scoleri • ar
58 • William Campbell Gault and Joe Puma: The Changing Face of a Private Eye • J. Charles Burwell • ar
75 • The Crazed Carrot that Consumer Peoria: Vegetables on the Attack in the Movies and on TV • William Schoell • ar
87 • Weird Tales and Other Horrors! • S. Craig Zahler • ar
93 • Sleaze Alley * Peter Enfantino • rc
Satan’s Mate, by George H. Smith
Daughter of Joy, by James Harvey
Jambalaya Loverman, by J.L. Potter
One Day in Hell, by Hugh Zachary
99 • R&D: Screamy Skulls! • David J. Schow • cl
104 • A Good Cast is Worth Repeating • bi

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bare•bones No. 4

Bare•Bones No. 4

bare•bones [#4, Fall 2020] eds. Peter Enfantino & John Scoleri (Cimarron Street Books, $9.95, 138pp, digest)
1 • Contents Page
2 • Dueling Editorials • Peter Enfantino & John Scoleri • ed
3 • The Overlooked Library • Don D’Ammassa • ar
11 • Running to Death: The Horror Films of Val Lewton • Derek Hill • ar
33 • Digging into Crime Digests: Verdict June–September 1953 • Richard Krauss • ar
47 • Gorgo: Godzilla’s British Cousin • William Schoell • ar
51 • Konga: I was a Teenage Gorilla • Matthew R. Bradley • ar
55 • Reptilicus: The Monster (Movie) with No Legs • William Schoell • ar
60 • Gorgo: The Crown Prince of the Monsters! • pi
73 • Gorgo, Reptilicus and Konga: The Monarch Movie Tie-Ins • Peter Enfantino • ar
79 • When Giants Walked the Comic World • Peter Enfantino • ar
117 • Harry Stephen Keeler • S. Craig Zahler • br
120 • Sleazy Alley • Peter Enfantino • ar
127 • R&D: Take Back the Zone! • David J. Schow • ar
132 • About the Contributors • bg
138 • Caroline Munro • pt

Bare•Bones No. 4 back cover

bare•bones No. 3 in Review

Bare Bones No. 3

This issue delivered an enjoyable mix of pop culture fervor. Matthrew W. Bradley’ delves into Bradbury’s Elliott Family, while Don D’Ammassa tackles a basket full of overlooked vampire novels. The cover story by W.D. Gagliani offers a definitive examination of the original Planet of the Apes film series and their paperbacked companion novels. It’s supplemented nicely by Craig Miller’s eye-witness report on the filming of supporting footage for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and b•b’s co-editor John Scoleri’s summary of scenes scripted but cut from the final films.

That other b•b co-editor Peter Enfantino Digs into Crime Digests singling out a particularly star-studded issue of Manhunt (Aug. 1956) and Mike Shayne (Aug. 1965), while S. Craig Zahler braves Sleaze Alley to unearth a few brazen treasures worth reading about, if not actually reading the books themselves. J. Charles Burwell’s fond review of a trio of novels by H.A. DeRosso is both insightful and captivating. Jack Seabrook interviews supercollector Walker Martin, a conversation loaded with candor and exuberance. And to wrap-up the issue, David J. Schow recounts personal anecdotes about early monster movies and scary stuff with his usual glib aplomb.

If you haven’t yet caught bare•bones fever, this edition is an excellent jumping-on point.

So Cold, My Bed

So Cold, My Bed by Sam S. Taylor

Sam S. Taylor (1903–1994) wrote five stories for Manhunt and four novels in the 1940s and 1950s, three originally in hardcover for Dutton: Sleep No More (1949); No Head For Her Pillow (1952); and So Cold, My Bed (1953); and one in paperback for Gold Medal: Brenda (1952) under the pseudonym Lehi Zane.

Peter Enfantino’s story-by-story synopses of Manhunt is featured in The Digest Enthusiast No. 6–11.

The Digest Enthusiast No. 11

The Digest Enthusiast No. 11

The Digest Enthusiast No. 11 is now available in print and kindle editions—both in full color:

Jeff Vorzimmer

Janice Law
(Madame Selina series AHMM)
Paul D. Marks (Bunker Hill series EQMM)
Jeff Vorzimmer (The Best of Manhunt)

Manhunt 1954 part three

Peter Enfantino
summarizes 1954’s final issues of Manhunt.

Beyond Infinity

Vince Nowell, Sr. grapples with Beyond Infinity.

Leo Margulies

Richard Krauss spotlights Leo Margulies: Giant of the Digests.

A Classic Error

Steve Carper dissects a Classic error.

Astounding formats

Ward Smith quantifies Astounding’s formats.

Homicide Hotel from Gary Lovisi
Tough 2
Paperback Parade
No. 104

John Kuharik

John Kuharik
“Buckthorn Justice” art by Rick McCollum
Vince Nowell, Sr. “The Good Soldier” art by Marc Myers
Joe Wehrle, Jr.
“Zymurgy for Aliens” art by Michael Neno

Plus nearly 150 digest magazine cover images, News Digest, cartoons by Bob Vojtko, and first issue factoids. Cover “Madame Selina” by Rick McCollum, 160 pages.

Print $18.99 Kindle $4.99

The Best of bare•bones

The Best of bare•bones

On the heels of The Scream Factory came bare•bones Magazine. Then print gave way to digital and bare•bones transformed into a website. Coming full circle back to print, the success of The Best of The Scream Factory paved the way for The Best of bare•bones, which is not a limited edition volume like the former, but a print-on-demand volume that should remain in print for a good long run.

Table of Contents
Peter Enfantino & John Soleri’s Dueling Editorial
W.D. Gagliani “A Dirty Harry for the Ninties: John Sanford’s Lucas Davenport”
Peter Enfantino “A Talk with Bill Crider”
John Scoleri “Giving Me the Creeps: The Legend of He Who Kills”
Thomas Deja “Dig that Crazy ‘Tec: Richard Prather Interview”
Derek Hill “Twilight of the Mind: The ‘Black’ Novels of Cornell Woolrich”
Peter Enfantino & John Soleri “Bob Wilkins: The bare•bones Interview”
David H. Smith “Cognitive Dissonance: The Horror Career of Jerry Warren”
W.D. Gagliani “Dracula Lives Again (And Again And Again . . .) Blending Cenres in Robert Lory’s Dracula Series”
Vince Fahey & John Scoleri “From the Friendly Skies to Titanic Depths: Robert Serling Interview”
Stefan Dziemianowicz “The Annotated Index to Saturn Science Fiction
Peter Enfantino “The Annotated Index to Web Detective Stories
Thomas Deja “The Profane Scent of Forbidden Knowledge: George C. Chesbro’s Mongo”
Derek Hill “Staring Into the Wolf’s Lair Abyss: A Look at Karl Edward Wagner’s Kane, the Mystic Swordsman”
Derek Hill “The Blind Dead Ride! The Blind Dead Films of Amando de Ossorio”
John Scoleri “Kitten on the Cover: Ann-Margret Movie Tie-Ins (1962–1966)”
David J. Schow “Mostest Bestest”
W.D. Gagliani “Richard Stark: Donald Westlake’s Dark Half”
Lawrence McCallum “Horror Rises From the Past in the Films of Edward I. Cahn”
David Allen Brown “Dark Gothic: The Dark Shadows Novels of Dan Ross”
David J. Schow “AKA Trevanian”
About the Contributors
Index to bare•bones Magazine (1997–2001)

The Best of bare•bones back cover

Cimarron Street Books
Editors: Peter Enfantino, John Soleri
6” x 9” 240 pages
Print $16.99
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Alfred Hitchcock Dec. 1966

Alfred Hitchcock Dec. 1966

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 11 No. 12 Dec. 1966
Alfred Hitchcock: Dear Reader
Max Van Derveer “The Holiday Spirit”
J.A. Mas “The Deadly Handyman”
Lawrence Block “Some Things a Man Must Do”
James N. Semple “Lull in Homicide”
Dan J. Marlowe “The Annuity”
Bob Bristow “The Message”
Mike Brett “Crooks, Satchels, and Selma”
Parley J. Cooper “The Servant Problem”
Carl Henry Rathjen “Jump Job”
Jack Webb “Day of the Tiger”
Robert Edmond Alter “No Place Like Home”
Wenzell Brown “The Blue Man”
Richard O. Lewis “Shakedown”
James McKimmey “The Magic Tree”

Editor: G.F. Foster
160 pages, 50¢

Contents from Galactic Central.

Alfred Hitchcock May 1966

Alfred Hitchcock May 1966

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Vol. 11 No. 5 May 1966
Alfred Hitchcock: Dear Reader (an excerpt) “. . . be King of the Grill, and a Mystery Reading Buff, adn acquire the resolute expression of the gentleman on the cover.”
Edward D. Hoch
“The Rusty Rose”
Robert G. Anderson “Child of the Night”
Frank Sisk “The Sawbuck Machine”
Robert W. Alexander “Over a Barrel”
Ed Lacy “Five Minutes Ago”
Carroll Mayers “The Conspirators”
Robert Edmond Alter “The Shunned House”
F.J. Smith “The Gun Merchant”
Aubrey S. Newman “Community Service”
Ione Ivey “So Tender These Petals”
Dick Ellis “Beware the Righteous Man”
Lawrence E. Orin “The Basement Room”
Geoffrey Knighton “A Matter of Honor”
Joseph Payne Brennan “The Intangible Threat”
Fletcher Flora “The Happenstance Snatch”
Each story includes an illustration by Marguerite Blair Deacon

Editor and Publisher: Richard E. Decker
Managing Editor: G.F. Foster
Associate Editors: Victoria S. Benham, Pat Hitchcock, Ernest Hutter
Art Director: Marguerite Blair Deacon
160 pages, 50¢

Startling Mystery Stories

The Digest Enthusiast No. 10 pgs 46 & 47

The companion digest to Magazine of Horror, covered by Peter Enfantino in The Digest Enthusiast No. 5, was Startling Mystery Stories. Its editor Robert A.W. Lowndes introduced it: “While this publication is restricted to mystery tales, we are stressing the eerie, bizarre, and strange type of mystery . . .” Peter’s coverage includes commentary and contents for all 18 issues of SMS in the newly released issue of The Digest Enthusiast.

The Digest Enthusiast No. 10

The Digest Enthusiast No. 10 June 2019
5.5” x 8.5”
160 pages, with over 100 digest magazine cover images
$8.99 Print
$2.99 Kindle