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Pulp Modern No. 3 adEditor Alec Cizak and I are busy working on the next Pulp Modern, and it’s nearly ready. Just a few more tweaks and it’ll be off for a print proof. I’ll start on the Kindle and Magzter versions while it’s in production. Should be out early in July. Having closely read every story I can state unequivocally it’ll be worth the wait. Check out that contributor list in the ad.

As Alec says, “Pulp is on the way!”


Alec Cizak’s Atomic Fuel

Breaking GlassWriter and filmmaker Alec Cizak was interviewed for the article on POD/digital digests that appeared in The Digest Enthusiast book four. Book six presented his story, “Atomic Fuel,” with an illustration by Brad Foster. The story begins like this:

“Sal Bridgewater sang along to a Nirvana tune on the classic alternative station, assured his empty passenger seat he didn’t have a gun.”

In May 2017 Alec and I partnered on the revival of his fiction journal Pulp Modern. We are working on the third issue of the rivival now, due in late June/early July. Also in July, Down & Out Books will release his latest novel, Breaking Glass, which continues the lives of characters introduced in the earlier Down on the Street (D&O 2017). DOTS was outstanding, so I’m eagerly awaiting Breaking Glass.

Ellery Queen March 1998

An excerpt from the interview with Bill Crider, from The Digest Enthusiast book five:

Ellery Queen March 1998
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine March 1998

Bill Crider: “I’ve published only two stories in EQMM, and “The Case of the Headless Man” was the first. When I wrote it, I used a couple of my series characters, Bo Wagner and Janice Langtry. They’re a writing team, like Ellery Queen, and they write about impossible crimes solved by their amateur sleuth, Sam Fernando. Now and then the cops call them in and ask for their help with impossible crimes, like one committed by a man without a head. I really had some some fun with these stories, of which there are two or three. Maybe I should collect them into an eBook, except that I can’t locate the eCopy of “The Case of the Headless Man.”

“I’d tell you where the story idea came from, but I can’t do that without giving too much away. What I can tell you is that I’d been rejected by EQMM a couple of times, and I really wanted to be published there. When I came up with this story idea, I thought it was perfect for the magazine, and sure enough, the editor bought it.”

SMFS logoHat Tip: The new Pulp Modern with Robert Petyo’s story “Sacrifice” is highlighted today by Kevin R. Tipple on The Short Mystery Fiction Society Blog.

Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No. 2

The new Pulp Modern is out in print and digital. Editor Alec Cizak selected the the images for the cover and interior spreads along with its 12 stories. My role was design and production, which includes converting the photos into photo-illustrations.

The new issue begins with eight crime stories and concludes with four in the fantasy, horror, and Science Fiction realm.

Alec Cizak From the Editor
Russell Thayer “Buzz Me Blues”
Jim Thomsen “Black Lab”
Tom Andes “After Midnight at the C’est La Vie Lounge”
Preston Lang “Eleven Irritated People”
John Teel “Second Chances”
Robert Petyo “Sacrifice”
Charles Roland “Quick Cash Now”
Emile C. Tepperman “No Living Witness” (Classic Pulp)
Matthew X. Gomez “A Long Journey’s End”
Marc E. Fitch “Tick-Tock in the House America Built”
Susan E. Abramski “Double Jeopardy”

The second run of Pulp Modern continues to set the standard for independent, underground genre fiction journals. Read what J.D. Graves, editor of the newly-hatched Econo Clash Review (due this Spring), wrote about it here.

$6.99 POD
$2.99 Kindle
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