Rich Harvey


Pulp Adventures No. 27

“My Sister’s Husband” by Michael Bracken

One of the stories I read to prepare for the interview with Michael Bracken that appears in The Digest Enthusiast No. 8 was “My Sister’s Husband.”

Although I didn’t ask a question about this particular story, it’s worth seeking out a copy of Pulp Adventures No. 27 to read it.

Tina lost touch with her sister’s husband, Gerald, after Cheryl died many years ago. After a chance meeting in a restaurant, the two become reacquainted and begin dating. On the surface the relationship builds smoothly, but underneath each questions what’s happening to them and their true feelings.

Pulp Adventures No. 27 Fall 2017
Contents Page
Audrey Parente: Editorial
Adam McFarland “Angels and Animals”
William Hope Hodgson “Jack Grey, Second Mate”
Dana Edward Johnson “The Green Mask”
Howard Hammerman “Not What I Ordered”
William Dudley Pelley “A Case at Law”
Max Brand “Hole-in-the-Wall Barrett”
Audrey Parente interviews Gary Bullock, Journeyman Actor
May Belleville Brown “A Repeating Romeo”
Michael Bracken “My Sister’s Husband”
Richard Brister “Sneak Thief”
Raymond J. Brown “Thirty Days on the Island”
H. Bedford-Jones “Irregular Brethern”

Publisher: Rich Harvey
Editor: Audrey Parente
Cover: Norman Saunders
7” x 10” 134 pages
Print $12.95
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Pulp Adventures No. 33

Pulp Adventures No. 33

Contents Page
Audrey Parente: Editorial
Charles Boeckman “Death Speaks Softly”
Jack Bludis “New Guy on the Block”
Michael R. Hayfields “An Old Friend”
Teel James Glenn “The Pursuit of the Moor”
Nils Gilbertson “The Client”
Frederick Pohl “The Tunnel Under the World”
Carson Demanns “Conspiracy Theory”
Adam Beau McFarlane “Captain Warwick’s Hand”
Sax Rohmer “Beath of Allah”
H. Bedford Jones “The Story of Misión San Juan Capistrano”

Pulp Adventures No. 33 back cover

Pulp Adventures No. 33 Fall 2019
Publisher: Rich Harvey
Editor: Audrey Parente
Cover: Harry Rosenbaum
7” x 10” 128 pages
Print $9.95
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Pulp Adventures #28 Winter 2018

Pulp Adventures #28 coverContents
Audrey Parente: Pulp-itorial: The Old and the New
Charles Boeckman “Murder, Maestro, Please! (Famous Detective Stories Oct. 1954)
Michael Bracken “My Stripper Past”
Geoffrey North “Killer Wanted—First Class” (Private Detective Stories Feb. 1946)
David Bernard “The Doom that Came to Al Capone”
John E. Petty “The Weirdly True Tale of Benny the Beezer”
Dan McCarthy “Janeck’s Death”
C.J. Henderson “Woolworth’s . . . For All Your Defensive Needs” art by Norman Baer (Thrilling Detective Fall.Winter 2002/2003)
Stephen Payne “The Word Wranglers” art by Everett Raymond Kinstler (West Mar. 1949)
Audrey Parente: David Wright O’Brien (profile)
Pulp Adventures #28 back coverMeet the Authors: David Wright O’Brien (Amazing Stories Nov. 1940)
John York Cabot “The Fantastic Twins” (Fantastic Adventures Mar. 1942)
Duncan Farnsworth “Afraid to Live” (Fantastic Adventures Mar. 1942)
Johnny Strike “Monkey Men”
Rich Harvey: Anatomy of a Cover

Pulp Adventures #28 Winter 2018
Publisher: Rich Harvey
Editor: Audrey Parente
Cover: Norman Saunders
128 pages, $12.95, next issue May 2018
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