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Michael Shayne No. 1

Michael Shayne No. 1

“I am both proud and gratified that my long-time and valued friend, Leo Margulies, is the publisher and sole owner of this magazine. It is a project that both Leo and I have held in our minds and hearts for many years.” –Brett Halliday

Brett Halliday “Bring Back a Corpse!”
Craig Rice “The Quiet Life” (John J. Malone)
Robert Bloch “Water’s Edge”
Charles Irving “You Wash, and I’ll Dry”
Hal Ellson “Walk Away Fast”
Kenneth Fearing “Three Wives Too Many”
John E. Hasty “Unfinished Business”
Louis Trimble “A Pitch for Murder”
Carter Sprague “A Present for Peter”
Matthew Lee “Home Ground”
Norman Daniels “Rooftop”

Michael Shayne Mystery Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 Sept. 1956
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Editor: Sam Merwin Jr.
Managing Editor: Cylvia Kleinman
5.25” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢