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Analog Jul/Aug 2019

Analog Jul/Aug 2019

Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Astounding) Vol. 139 No. 7 & 8 Jul/Aug 2019
Trevor Quachri’s Editorial: A Conspiracy of Dunces
The Analytical Laboratory (Reader’s Favorites)
Robert R. Chase “Vault” art by Eldar Zakirov
Ken Poyner “New Planet Landscape 6” (verse)
C. Stuart Hardwick’s Science Fact: Do We Still Need NASA?
Catherine Wells “The Quality of Mercy” art by Josh Meehan
Tom Jolly “Shooting Stars”
John J. Vester “A Life in Particle Archaeology”
In Times to Come
David L. Clements “Sailors of the Second Sun”
Buzz Dixon “Labor-Saving Relations”
John G. Cramer’s The Alternate View: Neutrino Relics from the Big Bang
Leo Vladimirsky “The Babbage Tour”
Phoebe North “All Tomorrow’s Parties” art by Vincent DiFate
Dan Reade “A Wonderful Thing to Say”
Robert Scherrer “Portle”
Paul Di Filippo “Monarch of the Feast”
Freya Marske “What We Named the Needle”
Leah Cypess “Uncommon”
Steve Rasnic Tem “Captain Zack & the Data Raiders”
Alison Wilgus “A Neighborhood for Someone Else”
Julie Novakova “Dreaming Up the Future”
Joe M. McDermott “Finnegan, Bring the Pain”
Eric James Stone “A Potential Application of Induced Resonance in a Four-Dimensional Crystal of Quantum Spacetime”
Nick Wolven “The Eyes of Alton Arnhauser”
Greg Egan “The Slipway”
Nelson Adrian Blish “Tesseract” (verse)
Don Sakers: The Reference Library
Brass Tacks (Letters)
Classified Marketplace
Anthony Lewis: Upcoming Events

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Trevor Quachri
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Shutterstock.com
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until August 20, 2018
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