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Jim Main’s Whatever No. 1

Whatever No. 1

Contents Page
Jim Main’s This & That . . .
Jack Bertram’s The Tell-Tale Heart Revisited
Steve Keeter’s Tribute to Bill Shelly and Sam Gafford with art by art by Jack Bertram and Doc Boucher
To Be Continued! (Part 1) A Serial Pictorial
Buck Oviatt’s Superman and the Mole Men with art by Scott McClung and Doc Boucher
Brien Wayne Powell’s Poor Execution

Whatever No. 1 Winter 2020
Publisher/Managing Editor: Jim Main
Editor/Production Manager: Robert J. Sodaro
Assistant Publisher: Connie Main
Front Cover Production and Logo Design: Marc Haines
Front Cover Artwork: Anthony C. Gray
8.5” x 11” full color, 28 pages
$4.25 postage paid from mainjim23@gmail.com

Occult Detective Magazine No. 6

Occult Detective Magazine No. 6

Contents Page
Dave Brzeki: Editorial
John Linwood Grant’s In Memoriam: Sam Gafford (1962–2019)
Melanie Atherton Allen “The Rending Veil” art by Autumn Barlow
Tade Thompson “Komolafe”
Matthew Willis “The Way of All Fresh”
Cliff Biggers “Blindsider”
S.L. Edwards’ Kotto’s Creepies: An Interview with Jonathan Raab
I.A. Watson “Vinnie de Soth and the Phantom Skeptic”
Kelly M. Hudson “The Empanatrix of Room 223” art by Bob Freeman
Bryce Beattie “The Unsummoning of Urb Tc’Leth”
Alexis Ames “In Perpetuity”
Craig Stanton’s Nury Vittachi’s The Feng Shui Detective and the Singapore Union of Industrial Mystics
S.L. Edwards “The Way Things Were”
John Paul Fitch “Angelus”
Ian Hunter “The Last Performance of Victoria Mirabelli”
Michael Kellar’s Cold Cases: Supernatural Sleuths: Stories of Occult Investigators Edited by Peter Haining
James A. Moore & Charles R. Rutledge “Occult Legion: He is the Gate” art by Russell Smeaton
Describin’ the Scribes

Occult Detective Magazine No. 6 back cover

Occult Detective Magazine No. 6 Fall 2019
Publisher: Jilly Paddock & Dave Brzeski
Editors: John Linwood Grant and Dave Brzeski
Cover: Roland Nikrandt
6” x 9” 206 pages
Print $11.81

Occult Detective Quarterly No. 5

Occult Detective Quarterly No. 5

Tim Waggoner “The Empty Ones”
Sandy Chadwin “The Curious Adventure of the Homesick God”
Brandon Barrows “Shadow’s Angle”
Marion Pitman “The Unquiet Office”
Steve Liskow “Brown Eyes Crying in the Rain”
I.A. Watson & Chelsea Vance “A Princess Calls”
Cody Schroeder “Storm Stones”
Bobby Derie: The Occult Jules de Grandin
Megan Taylor “Exposing the Dead”
Julian Wildey “Daddy’s Girl”
Loren Rhoads “Something in the Water”
Craig Stanton “The Devil Drives”
Cliff Biggers “Chapter Five: Hastur in Hyades” (Occult Legion)
Paul St John Mackintosh: Cold Chills at Crimefest 2018
James Bojaciuk: Aural Apparitions
David Brzeski: Cold Cases (reviews)
Reviews by Julia Morgan and David Brzeski
Describin’ the Scribes (author bios)

Occult Detective Quarterly No. 5 Winter 2019
Publisher: Sam Gafford
Editors: John Linwood Grant and Dave Brzeski
Cover: Stefan Keller
6” x 9” 166 pages
POD $12.95 Kindle $5.95
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Dikomania No. 96

Ditkomania No. 96The first issue of Ditkomania since its namesake’s passing in June 2018, opens with Editor Rob Imes Editkorial. “Despite the chatter about Ditko that goes on these days on the internet, I find that the pages of a zine like this can contain more thoughtful and knowledgeable insights.”

Rob Imes: Editkorial
Sam Gafford: Steve Ditko Owed You Nothing
Bryan Stroud: Ditko in Space: The 1980’s Starman Series, art by Fred Grivaud
Jason Sacks: Uneasy Lies the Crown: Steve Ditko on Starman
Rob Imes: Questar Warriors, Cosage the Cosmic Agent
Rob Imes: “Doctor Who” and Ditko
Larry Johnson: Ditko’s Horror Hosts
Joshua Warren: Ditko’s The Grey Negotiator (comic)
Letters: Dave Sim, Nick Caputo, Bob Jennings

Diktomania No. 96 July 2018
Editor/Publisher: Rob Imes
Cover: Darren Goodhart
Back cover & inside front cover: Jim McPherson
Inside back cover: Tom Ahearn
40 pages (w/covers), $3.00 postage paid from Rob Imes
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Occult Detective Quarterly No. 4 Spring 2018

Occult Detective Quarterly No. 4Contents
John Linwood Grant: Editorial
Sam L. Edwards & Yves Tourigny “Borkchito: Occult Doggo Detective” (comic)
Simon Avery “Songs for Dwindled Gods” art by Andy Paciorek
Davide Mana “Black Frog and Black Scarab” art by Mutartis Boswell
Sarah Hans “Charms”
Josh Reynolds “The Bascomb Rug”
Justin Guleserian “The Burning Pile”
Aaron Vlek “The Case of the Black Lodge” art by Robert Freeman
Rhys Hughes “The French Lieutenant’s Gurning”
Paul M. Feeney “Those Who Live in Shadow”
Dale W. Glaser “Abduction in Ash” a Kellan Oakes Adventure
Aaron Besson “Yellow Light District”
Sam Gafford “Occult Legion” Chapter Four: Faultlines”
Dave Brzeski: Reviews
James Bojaciuk: Aural Apparitions
Describin’ the Scribes (author bios)

Back coverOccult Detective Quarterly No. 4 Spring 2018
Publisher: Ulthar Press/Sam Gafford
Editors: John Linwood Grant and Dave Brzeski
Layout/Design: Sam Gafford
Cover: Sebastian Cabrol
8.5” x 11” 104 pages
POD $9.95