Sean Azzopardi


Sean Azzopardi

London-based cartoonist Sean Azzopardi sent an assortment of his recent comics:

Rain on Glass cover

Rain on Glass (2014, A5-size, 24 pages) Dramatic moments in Sean’s early life.

Tracks cover

Tracks (2015, A5-size, 20 pages) Comic conventions, concerts, and a trip to Italy.

After the Sessions cover

After the Sessions (2917, A5-size, 28 pages) Over the course of a day, images return unbidden to therapist Karen Quinlan’s memory, brought on by the messy stories and everyday complaints of her clients. A key, or a beach, or a sunset. The things she thought were left behind. It’s here that Karen discovers that the things she thought were gone are still very much with her. Script by Douglas Nobel, art by Sean Azzopardi

50 cover

50 (2017, A4-size, 48 pages) Recollections of moments leading up to Sean’s 50th. (Andy Oliver’s review of 50 on Broken Frontier.)

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