The American Bystander


The American Bystander No. 10

The American Bystander No. 10

The American Bystander Vol. 3 No. 2, No. 10, March 2019
Frontispiece: “Fun With DNA” by Rick Geary
Publisher’s Letter by Michael Gerber
News and Notes
The Caboose: Borderline Loco by Ross MacDonald
Lance Hansen, Victor Juhasz, Adam Chase, Dave Croatto, Rob Kutner, Penny Barr, Stan Mack, Ivan Ehlers, Charles Barsotti, Alex Bernstein, Mia Mercado, Jeremy Nguyen, Jeffrey Kulik, Michael Pershan, Riane Konc, Ron Hauge
Short Stuff
The Tangents Talk It Over by M.K. Brown
American Bystanders #8 by Drew Friedman
Doing Jazz by Sara Lautman
Attention Residents: by Lucas Gardner
No, You Cannot Have Your Orgy At the Musueum by Peter Salomone

Editor/Publisher: Michael Gerber
Head Writer: Brian McConnachie
Senior Editor: Alan Goldberg
Contactee: Scott Marshall
Oracle: Steve Young
Staff Liar: P.S. Mueller
Intrepid Traveler: Mike ReisAgents of the Second Bystander International: Craig Boreth, Matt Kowalick, Neil Mitchell, Maxwell Ziegler
Managing Editor Emerita: Jennifer Boylan
Cover: James McMullan
8-1/2” x 11” 76 pages, full color
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The American Bystander No. 8

The American Bystander No. 8Apparently I didn’t get my change of address in quick enough, but the eighth issue of Michael Gerber’s excellent The American Bystander has arrived at last.

Frontispiece: “Mechanical Sex” by Tom Hachtman
Publisher’s Letter by Michael Gerber
News and Notes
Index to This Issue by Steve Young
Crossword: “Alternative Musicals” by Matera & Goldberg

J. Keohane, J. Zeller, D. Lancaster, B. McConnachie, P. Barr, R. McGee, L. Gardner, T. Chitty, L. Kenseth, J. F. Garner, D. & M. Reiss, A. Schmidt, M. Balmain, B. Katchor, E. Waite

Short Stuff
Evidence of Russian Medaling by Ron Hauge
American Bystanders #5 by Drew Friedman
Pursued by Wasps by John Jonik
An Oral History by Simon Rich
Alien Notes on the Voyager Space Probe Golden Record by Steve Young
After Breakfast by Emily Flake
All the Scenes in Meet Cute by Jonathan Zeller
#Whynotmetoo? by Laurie Rosenwald
Comparing Things to Jazz is Like… Jazz by Rob Kutner
New Offerings From Your Alumni Educational Travel by Chris Marcil & Sam Johnson

Your Future Home by Tom Chitty
Comic Character Cursing Dictionary by Ed Subitzky
Piano Lessons by Brian McConnachie
A History of the Freline Notebook by Ostow & Reddy
Just Worried by M.K. Brown
Originalism…For Your Life! by Lars Kenseth
Enjoy Your Stay by Ryan Nyburg
Son of Twisted Cross by Sam Gross
Works by Dylan Brody
Welcome to Scarfolk by Richard Littler
Generation WHAAH?! by Dan Vebber

Cover by Bill Lee
Quiet, Billy, There’s No Time For That by Randall Enos
Free Love With Jan & Stan by Persoff & Marshall
Dog Show by Ted Jouflas
The Basic Overview by Howard Cruse
Mom and Me by Rick Geary
My Extraordinary Dream by Michael Sloan
Trots & Bonnie by Shary Flenniken
Gertrude’s Follies by Tom Hachtman & Sam Gross
Kama Sutra for Cats by Seymour Chwast

Our Back Pages
What Am I Doing Here?: Nepal by Mike Reiss
P.S. Mueller Thinks Like This by P.S. Mueller
Chunk-Style Nuggets by Steve Young
Know Your Bystanders by Laurie Rosenwald

Editor/Publisher: Michael Gerber
Head Writer: Brian McConnachie
Senior Editor: Alan Goldberg
Deputy Editors: Michael Thornton, Ben Orlin
Cover: Barry Blitt
8.5” x 11” 98 pages
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Website: www.americanbystander.org

The American Bystander #6 Fall 2017

Not-A-Digest Dept: The sixth issue of Michael Gerber’s all-star print humor quarterly is out. This issue features writers from Late Night with David LettermanThe New YorkerSNLThe OnionSPY and National Lampoon, as well as illustrations and cartoons from Merrill Markoe, Drew Friedman, Ed Subitzky, Roz Chast, M.K. Brown, Jim Siergey and 75 others. Full-color, large format (8.5×11) and 100 pages, The American Bystander is a worthy addition to any comedy fan’s library. Better yet, it’s an independent production.

The American Bystander #6 cover

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