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Bob Hope’s They Got Me Covered

They Got Me CoveredLife magazine’s October 27, 1941 profile of Bob Hope: “His most pretentious work, They Got Me Covered, a riotous autobiography, is in the tradition of Josh Billings, Bill Nye and Petroleum V. Nasby, and he is showing signs of developing into a cracker-barrel philosopher.”

They Got Me Covered is a collection of Bob Hope’s quips, cartoons, and photos. Steve Carper reveals the full story behind this 95-page, digest-sized paperback in The Digest Enthusiast book six.

Opening Lines

“I woke up a few minutes ago with a severe headache and a sense of impending death. In the next half hour or so, I know, I am going to die. Nothing can now prevent my physical condition from deteriorating rapidly. As I am trying to write as fast as my mind can think—in an attempt to finish my story before I am finished—my breathing is becoming labored, and the pain in my chest is beginning to torture me.”

Opening line from “Victims of Time” by B. Sridhar Rao, M.D. International Science Fiction June 1968

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B.K. Stevens’ Jane Ciardi

Interpretation of Murder by B.K. StevensAuthor B.K. Stevens shared her thoughts on Jane Ciardi in her interview in The Digest Enthusiast book six, excerpted below:

“My first novel was Interpretation of Murder, published by Black Opal Books in 2015. That novel has a tie to AHMM, too: The protagonist was introduced in a 2010 story that won a Derringer—or, to be more precise, half a Derringer (it was a tie). The protagonist, Jane Ciardi, is an American Sign Language interpreter who takes a freelance job from a Cleveland private detective and promptly gets drawn into dangers, ethical dilemmas, romantic entanglements, and the other sorts of challenges amateur sleuths tend to encounter. I think the novel’s a solidly constructed, satisfying whodunit, I think it’s got plenty of humor, and I hope it offers readers some insights into deaf culture and sign language interpreting. Our older daughter, Sarah, is a nationally certified ASL interpreter—she’s the one who first suggested that I try using an interpreter as a protagonist in a mystery—and our younger daughter, Rachel, has serious hearing loss. So hearing-related issues are important to our family. My husband, a fifth-degree black belt, contributed by choreographing the action scenes—the novel’s a true family effort. And it’s set in my favorite city, Cleveland. It hasn’t burned up the best seller lists, but I’m proud of it.”

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Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse No. 4

F&SF Sep. 1961The fourth part of Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse saga appeared in Fantasy and Science Fiction (Sep. 1961).

Gerard Klein “The Monster in the Park” translated by Virginia Kidd
Herbert Gold “The Day They Got Boston” (Metronome Jan. 1961)
Grendel Briarton “Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: XLIII”
Michael Young “The Timekeeper”
F. L. Wallace “Privates All”
Nils T. Peterson “Pecking Order”
Rosemary Harris “Hamlin”
Isaac Asimov: Science: Not As We Know It
Rosser Reeves “Effigy” (verse)
Rosser Reeves “E=mc²” (verse)
Brian W. Aldiss “Timberline” (Hothouse No. 4)

Cover by Ed Emshwiller

Contents from Galactic Central

An excerpt from Joe Wehrle, Jr.’s review of the Hothouse series, from The Digest Enthusiast book six:

“The story “Timberline” (September 1961) finds the travelers far from their natural home, a place where the Sun seems to hang low over the water, and the air is cold and misty. A land of eternal sunset. The boat grounds on an ice shelf, and Gren and Yattmur urge the fishers out of it and onto an islet, where they all live fairly contentedly for a time.”

B.K. Stevens’ Leah Abrams

AHMM Oct 2002
AHMM Oct 2002 Cover by Dave Cutler

Author B.K. Stevens shared her thoughts on Leah in her interview in The Digest Enthusiast book six, excerpted below:

“One of the things I enjoy most about this series is Leah’s relationship with Detective (later Lieutenant) Brock. Amateur sleuths wouldn’t get far without a source of police information, and many amateur sleuth series involve female sleuths who have romantic relationships with male police detectives. But Leah’s happily married, and so is Brock—his wife never actually appears in the stories, but he mentions her often. So Leah and Brock are simply friends who like and respect each other. He’s more practical and sensible, and she’s more imaginative. He brings her down to earth when she gets carried away, and she helps him see possibilities that hadn’t occurred to him. Together, I think, they make a good detective team.”

AHMM Feb. 1998 Leah Abrams #1 “Death on a Budget”
AHMM Jan.1999 Leah Abrams #2 “Death on the List”
AHMM Oct. 2002 Leah Abrams #3 “Death of the Guilty Party”
AHMM May 2006 Leah Abrams #4 “Death on a Diet”
AHMM May 2010 Leah Abrams #5 “Death in Rehab”

Opening Lines

AHMM July 1991“On Monday, July 19, Jim Simpson did eight stupid things. Right in front of Harry Brock, the biggest gossip in the office, he got into a loud, bitter argument with Al Forbes. Next, at lunch, he told Mona Tarnak that the world would be a better place without slimeballs like Al.”

Opening Lines from “Final Jeopardy” by B.K. Stevens Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine July 1991 Cover by Val Lakey Lindahn, interior art by Jim Ceribello.

AHMM July 1991, page 18