The Sleazy Reader


The Sleazy Reader No. 9

The Sleazy Reader No. 9

With its emphasis on digest magazines, this issue of The Sleazy Reader (No. 9) is my favorite thus far. The digest-centric contents include an overview of Manhunt contemporaries like Trapped, Guilty, Hunted, Pursuit, etc.; a piece on Pontiac Publishing’s Sure Fire, Off Beat, and Two-Fisted Detective Stories; a review of Off Beat Jan. 1960; and “The Mad Dog of Digests” highlighting the crime fiction of Harlan Ellison. Plenty to make this issue a must-have for digest enthusiasts, but there’s much more. 

Two pre-code crime comics: Crime Does Not Pay and Fight Against Crime are strapped in the hot seat for a brutal interrogation. Mafia mania gets a nod with pieces on the Americana line from Monarch Books, The Godfather Series (beyond Mario Puzo), and Belmont’s novels by Peter McCurtin. TSR transitions from the series Mafia Operation to the sleazy side of Joe Riggs and Peter Chambers via “Investigated Sleaze-Noir.”

Johnny Marr of Murder Can Be Fun fame, traces the peaks and valleys of the greatest true crime magazine, True Detective, over its remarkable seventy-two-year reign. By the time the issue winds down, there’s still room for a piece on the banned books of New Zealand, and M.E. Knerr’s Mike Travis series. Whew, there’s something for nearly every genre book lover in this issue.

New Releases

Several great new releases in the last week or so:

All Due Respect 2020

All Due Respect 2020
Featuring the work of Stephen D. Rogers, Tom Leins, Michael Pool, Andrew Davie, Sharon Diane King, Preston Lang, Jay Butkowski, Steven Berry, Craig Francis Coates, Bobby Mathews, Michael Penncavage, and BV Lawson. Edited by Chris Rhatigan and David Nemeth.

Print $11.95 Kindle $4.99

The Sleazy Reader No. 9

The Sleazy Reader No. 9
Crime special! Sleazy reading in the crime genre, with articles on 1950s sleazy digest magazines, comics, paperbacks and true crime magazines. Includes the life and death of True Detective magazine, pre-code comics theft from EC Comics, when the crime genre went hardcore, Harlan Ellison in the crime digests, Crime Does Not Pay comics, Mafia true-crime paperbacks. And more! 74 full color pages, loaded with illustrations.

Print $10.99

Paperback Parade No. 109

Paperback Parade No. 109
Gary Lovisi: Paperback Talk
Gary Lovisi: The Master Artist: Sam Peffer
Tom Cantrell: How Roy Higgins Managed the Adaptation of the Novel Captain and The Kings for the 1976 TV Miniseries
Gary Lovivi: Collecting The Winthrop Press in Very Tiny Paperbacks
Jim Fitzpatrick: The Persistent Image of “I, the Jury”
Richard Greene: Matchless Paperbacks
Jon D. Swartz: Alfred Bester
Phil Harbottle: The Tit-Bits Science Fiction Library

Paperback Parade No. 109 Nov. 2020
Editor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
~5.5” x 8.5” 100 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
Gryphon Books website

Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem No. 1
This new mystery and crime digest debuted in June 2020. Every issue is themed–this one is built around private eyes. MCM is a well-concieved series, delivered in a pleasing package. The tone is soft-boiled, with plenty of character development and embellished settings. My favorite in this edition was the story by editor Leah Cutter: “Going Deeper.”
Print $12.99 Kindle $4.99

Oddities and Other Grotesques
The Roman Scott collection is nearly complete. Editor Marc Myers is giving the files a final review and completing the setup at Lulu.com. The book topped out at 168 pages and includes over 14 issues of Scott’s comix and art zines.

Pulp Modern Vol. 2 No.6
The initial layout is complete. Ran Scott is busy on the issue’s artwork and the book will be out shortly after he finishes up his work.

The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 June 2020

The Digest Enthusiast No. 13
Finished proofreading the bulk of the issue and made various corrections to the art and copy. All that remains is the front-matter and compiling the News Digest. I’ll work on that next week before Thanksgiving.

Our current issue: The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 is available in print at Lulu.com and Amazon, and in digital formats at Kindle Books and Magzter.

The Sleazy Reader No. 8

The Sleazy Reader No. 8

The Sleazy Reader No. 8 Feb. 2019
Cult Fiction: Reviews by Justin Marriott
Manson On the Rack by John Harrison
The Whole Horror Show by Justin Marriott
1978: A Cheap Holiday on Someone Else’s Misery by Justin Marriott
Covering Manson by Bob Deis
From the Grind-House to the Prime Time by John Harrison
Interview With a Serial Collector Howie Pyro

The Sleazy Reader No. 8 Feb. 2019
Editor: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
Back Cover: Rik Rawling
7” x 10” 64 pages, full color
POD only $9.99
The Paperback Fanatic website

The Sleazy Reader #6 Feb. 2018

The Sleazy Reader #6 coverVirtually a one-man show (with a little help from his friends), as editor Justin Marriott contributes all the articles, reviews, and conducts the interview.

Sleazy Musings
“Coffee, Tea or Me?” The air stewardess in sleaze paperback.
Interview with artist Monte Rodgers “Holloway House Memories”
“Invasion of the Cycle Brutes” a fistful of short story reviews of early ’70s Men’s Adventure mags
“A Pack of Vixens” reviews of New English Library’s world “Phwoar” novels circa ’70s
“The Sexpert” Lancer Books’ ‘sexy spy’ series by Gerry Ransom

The Sleazy Reader #6 back coverThe Sleazy Reader #6 Feb. 2018
Editor: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
Scans: Brian Emrich
6” x 9” 58 pages, full color
POD only $8.99
The Paperback Fanatic website

The Fanatic Newsletter

From this morning’s mail, from Justin Marriott.

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The Paperback Fanatic 39
Now available through Amazon UK, Europe and US. Although the back cover states it’s issue 37, because I am an imbecile, it’s definitely issue 39! 100 pages, all colour, ALL NEW, an eclectic mix of articles and contributors.

Pulp Horror 5
An abridged reprint of the out-of-print issue designed as a tester for Amazon and for those that might want to try the title – DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY

Pulp Horror 6
An abridged reprint of the out-of-print issue designed as a tester for Amazon and for those that might want to try the title – DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY


The Sleazy Reader 6
ALL NEW – stewardesses in sleaze paperback, World ‘Phwoar’ Two New English Library paperbacks, sexy spies, rare art from vintage men’s mags. This will be available through Amazon in early February.

The Sleazy Reader 7
A reprint of the drugs and biker material from issue 35 of The Fanatic designed for the new audience available through Amazon, DO NOT ORDER IF YOU ALREADY OWN AN ORIGINAL COPY OF 35 OF THE FANATIC


Hot Lead
In collaboration with Paul Bishop, I will finally publish a zine dedicated to vintage western paperbacks. Yee-haw!

Men of Violence 2
A reprint of the issue dedicated to Manor Books and their men’s adventure paperbacks. I expect this to be very different to the original, and in colour.

Monster Media (not sure about the title, but it’ll do the job for now…)
A zine dedicated to monster mags, but casting the net more widely than Famous Monsters to take in some real obscurities and even fanzines