Western Magazine


Western Magazine No. 1

Western Magazine No. 1

Western Magazine Vol. 1 No. 1 June 1955
Debs Smith “Firebrand”
Morgan Lewis “A Hint of Violence”
James Charles Lynch “Elkhorn’s Last Deal”
Cliff Farrell “Prairie Treasure”
William Heuman “Outlaw’s Girl”
V.E. Thiessen “Sundown Decision”
Philip Ketchum “His Brother’s Gunhand”

Editor: Harry Widmer
Business Manager: Monroe Froehlich
Art Director: Mel Blum
Art Editor: Robert C. O’Neill
Cover: Jim Bentley
~5.5” x 7.75” 160 pages 35¢

Read Peter Enfantino’s story-by-story recap of Western Magazine in The Digest Enthusiast No. 8.

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TDE8: Western Magazine spread

The print proof for The Digest Enthusiast book eight is due May 17th. If the final review goes smoothly, the print and digital versions should be available near the end of the month.

Among the features inside is Peter Enfantino’s overview and synopses of Western Magazine and its pardner publication, 3-Book Western. Here’s an excerpt:

“By 1955, western fiction was everywhere. On the TV, on the radio, in paperbacks, in the funny books and, perhaps most of all, in the pulps. A good percentage of the oaters (in all the various print incarnations) were published by Martin Goodman and his publishing empire. When Good- man decided to add digests to his résumé, he did so with an uncharacteristic tentativeness . . .”