William L. Taylor


Science Marvels circa 1951

As featured in Marvel Science Stories May 1951:

A special feature called “Amazing Science Adventures” includes three short articles. “The Problem of Atomic Waste” by H.R. Jamison presents two ideal solutions. Encase the stuff in a block of concrete and drop it into the ocean; or turn a certain type of bacteria loose on it and they will absorb it. “The result is nullified radioactivity, and once again man is safe.”

“Simple Simon: Newest Mechanical Brain” by Milton Williams informs readers, “. . . Simon and his fellows will relieve mankind of the drudgery of applying his science. Man will be able to explore, to theorize, to ponder, to develop—Simon and company will do the rest!”

Better yet, with “Stimulation for the Brain” by William L. Taylor, a simple bath in Kappa radiation “. . . would stimulate the mind in such a way that any sensory data registered deep within the tissues of the brain can be brought to the surface.” Quick and easy, problems solved!