Willy Ley


Galaxy Dec. 1970

Galaxy Dec. 1970

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Ejler Jakobsson’s Editor’s Page: 43° N, 154° E (location of the moon crater named for Willy Ley)
James Blish “Darkside Crossing”
Ernest Hill “The Stenth Dimension”
Robert Silverberg “We Are Well Organized”
Grahame Leman “2001 Hours’ Solo”
Stephen Tall “The Mad Scientist and the FBI”
Algis Budrys: Galaxy Bookshelf
Robert A. Heinlein “I Will Fear No Evil” Part IV
Keith Laumer’s Science Feature: The Limiting Velocity of Orthodoxy

Galaxy Magazine Vol. 31 No. 1 Dec. 1970
Publisher: Arnold E. Abramson
Assoc. Publisher: Bernard Williams
Editor: Ejler Jakobsson
Science Editor: Donald H. Menzel
Feature Editor: Lester del Rey
Managing Editor: Judy-Lynn Benjamin
Art Director: Franc L. Roggeri
Assoc. Art Director: Jack Gaughan
Cover and interior art: Jack Gaughan
5.25” x 7.75” 192 pages 75¢