Paperback Fanatic No. 40Contents
“Artists Assemble: Guidio Crepax”
“Go Ape!” (Planet of the Apes paperbacks by George Alex Effinger)
“Robert Bonfils”
Justin Marriott “Beware—Richard Laymon!”
“Lin Carter Looks at Books” (reprinted from Castle of Frankenstein)
Graham Andrews “Fit to Be Tied: Gideon’s Day” (film/paperback tie-ins)
Tom Tesarek “Behind Every Great Man There’s a Woman” (Fritz Leiber’s Conjure Wife)
Rob Matthews “The Top Secret Series” (Italian Segretissimo series)
James Doig “Kins Cross Pulp” (Sydney, Australia’s seedy side)

Paperback Fanatic No. 40 backPaperback Fanatic No. 40 Sep. 2018
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Assistant Editor: Jim O’Brien
64 pages, 6” x 9” full color $10.00 POD
The Paperback Fanatic website

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