Fantastic Oct. 1975

Ted White: Editorial
Avram Davidson “The Case of the Mother-In-Law-of-Pearl” art by Richard Olsen
Clark Ashton Smith & Lin Carter “The Scroll of Morloc” art by Michael Nally
Dennis More “Fugitives in Winter” art by Laurence Kamp
W.S. Doxey “From Bondeen to Ramur” art by Tony Gleeson
Addison Steele II “The Wedding of Ova Hamlet” art by Joe Staton
Robert Thurston “The Haunted Writing Manual” art by Marcus Boas
Grania D. Davis “To Whom It May Concern” art by Stephen E. Fabian
Grant Carrington “A Shakespearean Incident”
Fritz Leiber: Fantasy Books
According to You (Letters)
Classified Advertisements

Fantastic Sword & Sorcery and Fantasy Stories Vol. 24 No. 6 October 1975
Publisher: Sol Cohen
Assoc. Publisher: Arthur Bernhard
Editor: Ted White
Assoc. Editor, Emeritus: Grant Carrington
Assist. Editors: Lou Stathis, Terry Hughes
Art Director: J. Edwards
Cover: Marcus Boas
5.25” x 7.75” 130 pages $1.00

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