Launching what will hopefully be the beginning of a new series, Amazing Selects debuts with Captain Future in Love by Allen Steele, a story first serialized in the pages of Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 1 and 2. Captain Future and crew’s latest adventure picks up where Steele’s earlier Avengers of the Moon leaves off. Besides the adventure itself, the book includes several background features that provide all the behind-the-scenes details on the project’s origin and why Tor won’t be publishing a sequel to the successful first novel.

Captain Future in Love

Contents Page
Introduction: Overture for a Space Opera
Publisher’s Introduction
Prologue: The Black Pirate and the King
Novella: Captain Future in Love
Essay: A Brief History of Captain Future
About the Author
About the Concept Artist
About the Cover Artist

Captain Future in Love by Allen Steele
Publisher: Steve Davidson
Cover: Tony Sart
Interior Art: Nizar Ilman
Comet II Art: Rob Caswell
5.5” x 8.5” 130 pages
Print and Digital $6.99 each

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