Now is a Good Time

The new year starts in two days. Change is accelerating. Boomers, at least those like me, are sliding farther down the curve of technological time. That commercial with Grandparents, armed with their new gadgets, greeting their Grandchildren at the door, asking “How does this work?” is funny because it’s true.

Change is inevitable, and it’s better to embrace it than attempt denial. I heard a quote about change that takes the sting out of it. It may have been Hugh Laurie’s, but if so, it changed by the time it reached my ears: “There is almost no such thing as ready. Do it now, no one is ever ready to do anything.”

I’ve wanted to update the website for some time now. Switch from Dreamweaver to WordPress. I did it yesterday. Blew the old site away and started the rebuild. I wasn’t ready, but it was time to try. My apologies to the old blog’s subscribers. You’ll have to resubscribe if you want the posts in your email.

The old site is gone. The new one is just beginning, and it’s going to be great in the days and weeks ahead. Thanks for staying with it, and for your patience.