Michael Kamakana


Pulp Literature #19 Summer 2018

Pulp Literature No. 19Contents
From the Pulp Lit Pulpit: Advent’s Arrival
Michael Kamakana “Advent” (stand-alone excerpt from the novel)
Feature Interview: Michael Kamakana
Mel Anastasiou “The Seven Swans: The Machineries of Progress”
Maria Pascualy “First Date” (verse)
Richard J O’Brien “The Slade Transmutation”
Alex Reece Abbott “My Brother Paulie: A Domestic Space Odyssey”
Sylvia Stopforth “Ordinary”
James Norcliffe “He Had This Thing” (verse)
Susan Pieters “Guardian”
Jasmin Nyack “Five Minutes”
Charity Tahmaseb “The Potato Bug War”
Keltie Zubko “Towing the Mustang”
RS Wynn: The Bumblebee Flash Fiction Contest
Joseph Stilwell & Hugh Henderson “Blue Skies Over Nine Isles” (comic)
JM Landels “Allaigna’s Song: Aria”
The Artists (bios)
Hall of Fame (Patreon supporters)

Pulp Literatuer No. 19 back coverPublisher: Pulp Literature Press
Managing Editor: Jennifer Landels
Acquisitions Editor: Melanie Anastasiou
Story Editor: Sue Pieters
Assistant Editor: Jessica Fabrizius
Poetry Editor: Daniel Cowper
Copy Editor: Amanda Bidnall
Proofreader: Mary Rykov
Graphic Designer: Kris Sayer
Cover: Tais Teng
Interior artwork: Melanie Anastasiou, Jennifer Landels
5.25” x 8” 216 pages
$14.99 POD
$1.99 ebook

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