Michael R Hayfields


Pulp Adventures No. 33

Pulp Adventures No. 33

Contents Page
Audrey Parente: Editorial
Charles Boeckman “Death Speaks Softly”
Jack Bludis “New Guy on the Block”
Michael R. Hayfields “An Old Friend”
Teel James Glenn “The Pursuit of the Moor”
Nils Gilbertson “The Client”
Frederick Pohl “The Tunnel Under the World”
Carson Demanns “Conspiracy Theory”
Adam Beau McFarlane “Captain Warwick’s Hand”
Sax Rohmer “Beath of Allah”
H. Bedford Jones “The Story of Misión San Juan Capistrano”

Pulp Adventures No. 33 back cover

Pulp Adventures No. 33 Fall 2019
Publisher: Rich Harvey
Editor: Audrey Parente
Cover: Harry Rosenbaum
7” x 10” 128 pages
Print $9.95
Bold Venture Press website