Squint 7

Squint 7
Squint 7

Tom Brinkmann writes about unusual off-the-beaten-path magazines, digests, and tabloids. A regular contributor to The Digest Enthusiast, his latest article, “The Creature from the Black Lagoon with The Seven Year Itch,” appears in issue ten. Tom is also an illustrator and publisher. His latest artzine, Squint 7, features 16 pages of his amorphic images and portraits presented in classic mini-comics’ format. Send inquiries to Tom at vaioduct at aol dot com.

Two volumes of Tom’s book, Bad Mags, were published in 2008 (Vol. 1) and 2009 (Vol. 2). Now out of print, copies are still available in secondary markets.

Squint 7
Squint 7 back cover

Squint 6/Copy That! 60

Squint No. 6

Squint No. 6 by TDE columnist Tom Brinkmann arrived in yesterday’s mail. First previewed in The Digest Enthusiast No. 8 in June 2018, the long-awaited artzine is finally in print, showcasing 16 black-and-white amorphic images and portraits presented in a classic mini-comics format zine.

The piece was published and distributed with Copy That! #60. Editor D. Blake Werts opens CT! 60 with a reminder that he’s scaling back the frequency of his mini-comics interview/newszine and would either like to see someone else take the reins or continue himself on a quarterly or bi-annual schedule. The previous monthly schedule has prevented him from tackling some other projects he’s been sidelining for several years, but isn’t talking about yet.

Copy That! No. 60

This edition of CT! features news from Alan Sissom, Andy Nukes, Blair Wilson, Clark Dissmeyer, Charles Brubaker, Dale Martin, George Erling, Ian Shires, Marc Myers, and Matt Jones. Plus there’s a page highlighting the latest edition of The Digest Enthusiast (No. 9) which leads off with an interview with writer/filmmaker Susan Emshwiller, and a cover by her famous father, Ed Emshwiller. CT! 60 also includes cartoons by Bob Vojtko and R.C. Harvey, and covers by Tom Motley (front) and E. Buzzizyk (back).

Copy That! No. 60 (including Squint No. 6)
$3.00 postage paid
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