The Daily Cabal


Edd Vick and The Daily Cabal

Excerpt from the Edd Vick interview, conducted by D. Blake Werts, from The Digest Enthusiast book six:

“In 2007, one of my Clarion mates, Rudi Dornemann, started a website to publish a new flash fiction story every weekday by a rotating set of authors. I think there were seven or eight of us to start; we added a few others in the following years. I wrote ninety stories for The Daily Cabal, some better than others, but it was a useful exercise in hitting deadlines because if I didn’t get a story in on time, we were in trouble. Well, practically speaking there would be somebody else’s story in the queue, but I’m happy it never came to that.

The Cabal never got enough traffic, so it died after a few years, but there were some damn good stories in it.