Frank Duffy’s Anonymous Devil

WB34 page 86From Weirdbook No. 34:

Frank Duffy builds a waking nightmare with a satisfying mix of specific detail and invention in “The Devil is Anonymous.” Its UK setting appears vivid and real. The relationship of its troubled couple and their technological life does too. But there is much unexplained, brushed aside by a narrative that throws the reader into a questionable reality of vitriol and mysterious circumstance. Who can you trust in this world of twisted corporate torment and virtual stalkers? The suspense and tension finally burst in a dark, bloody end that leaves you wanting more.

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Weirdbook No. 39

Contents Doug Draa: From the Editor’s Tower Franklyn Searight “Horror Around the Bend” Frank Coffman “En Carpre Noctis” (verse) Samson Stormcrow Hayes “A Tiny Cut” Marlane Quade Cook “Posthumous” Darrell Schweitzer “Pages from an Invisible Book”…

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Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse No. 2

The second part of Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse saga appeared in Fantasy and Science Fiction (April 1961). Contents Evelyn E. Smith “Softly While You’re Sleeping” Harold Calin “The Hills of Lodan” Anne McCaffrey “The Ship Who Sang”…

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Opening Lines

Selected from a digest featured in The Digest Enthusiast book six: “Do you remember the year the Acme Publishing Corporation published in installments Witchcraft for Beginners? I do, and very well too, because it was the…

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ISF1: Homunculus

From International Science Fiction No. 1 (Nov. 1967): Ilya Varshavsky’s second tale for ISF No. 1 is “Homunculus,” again translated by S. Ostrofsky. A four-page hunt for the robot, Homunculus, who has gone berserk and escaped…

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Mystery Weekly Magazine July 2018

Contents Jim Doherty “Cap Device” Rosemary McCracken “Black Bear Country” Caroline Misner “Fader’s Crates” Leslie Elman “No Quarters” Lance Dean “Rock on the Rocks” Peter DiChellis “Locked Tight” Laird Long “The Sound of Silence” (A You-Solve-It)…

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ISF1: Witchcraft for Beginners

From International Science Fiction No. 1 (Nov. 1967): From Italy, F.C. Gozzini contributes the very short “Witchcraft for Beginners.” It’s about a wonderful new weekly periodical, Witchcraft for Beginners and the two brothers who practice the…