Men of Violence No. 11

Men of Violence No. 11 (draft)The fanzine of vintage men’s adventure paperbacks.

Richard Toogood: Guest Editorial
Forgotten Artists One: Jack Hayes
Song of the South: Stuart Cloete
The Swordsman: Martin Holmes studies the historical novels of Gardner F. Fox
Forgotten Artists Two: Bill Francis Phillips
Paul Bishop “Talbot Mundy the Mystic Adventurer”
The Eternal Champion: A review of the first Casca book
“Casca the Immortal” interview with Tony Roberts
The Curse of Casca
Richard Toogood “Family of Fighting Eagles” The Aquila stories of Rosemary Sutcliff
Forgotten Artists Three: Richard Clifton-Dey
Jim O’Brien “The Viking Paperback Bloke” Henry Treece
Love Like Blood: Rafael Sabatini

Men of Violence No. 11 back coverMen of Violence No. 11 November 2018
Editor/Publisher: Justin Marriott
Copy Editor: Jim O’Brien
Cover: Rik Rawling
76 pages, 6” x 9” (A5-size) perfect bound
POD only $10.99
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