Opening Lines

Gamma No. 1 1963

“The scene is the Hall of the Great Guilty Lovers in Hell— roofed with stars that glitter like the first glances of fatal love, paved with sulfurous cosmic darkness assuage with desire, and walled with distant nebulas and galaxies that intertwine lasciviously.”
“Crimes Against Passion” by Fritz Leiber Gamma Vol. 1 No. 1 1963

“Life and Death of Bubbles Schroeder” by Benjamin Bennett

True Crime Detective Spring 1942

“There’s nothing I like better than a good story well told with a flavor of surprise and suspense. That’s the reason I pick up True Crime Detective.” –Lauritz Melchior, world-famous tenor True Crime Detective Vol. 2…

“Chase Your Dreams” by Michael Bracken

Alfred Hitchcock June 2016

An excerpt from Michael Bracken’s interview in The Digest Enthusiast No. 8, June 2018: The Digest Enthusiast: “Chase Your Dreams,” from AHMM (June 2016), is a great example of a story that evokes an emotional response.…

+32 pages -bimonthly

Galaxy Aug/Sep 1970

This issue expands to 192 pages (from 160) for 75¢ (from 60¢) and contracts to a bimonthly schedule. Contents Page Ejler Jakobsson: The Raries James Blish “The Day After Judgment” R.A. Lafferty “About a Secret Crocodile”…

L.L. Foreman “Exile of the Valiant”

Western Magazine Jan. 1957

Contents Page Joseph Chadwick “These the Condemned” art by Carl Burgos Gardner F. Fox “The Kid’s Big Kill” art by Carl Burgos Edward Carr “Dawn Hanging” art by Carl Burgos L.L. Foreman “Exile of the Valiant”…

“The Late Mr. Adams” by Steve Allen

Gamma No. 5

Inside Front Cover art by William F. Nolan Contents Page (Charles E. Fritch) Across the Editor’s Desk Ron Goulart “Nesbit” Sylvia Dees and Ted White “Policy Conference” art by Luan Meatheringham Charles Beaumont “Auto Suggestion” Chester…

The Comedy Magazine

The American Bystander No. 13

Lucky No. 13 features writers from Late Night with David Letterman, The Simpsons, The New Yorker, MAD, SPY and National Lampoon, as well as illustrations and cartoons from Sam Gross, Emily Flake, Peter Kuper, Mike Reiss,…

Celebrating Paperbacks

Paperback Fanatic No. 42

Justin Marriott: Fanatical Thoughts Contents Page Darrin Venticinque with a Jane Frank assist: A New Peak in Horror—Eat Them Alive by Pierce Nace James Dong: The Devil is a Gentleman—Dennis Wheatley Dark Forces at Work—A Gallery…

PI: Ken Sligo by Jack Bludis

Pulp Adventures No. 33

Contents Page Audrey Parente: Editorial Charles Boeckman “Death Speaks Softly” Jack Bludis “New Guy on the Block” Michael R. Hayfields “An Old Friend” Teel James Glenn “The Pursuit of the Moor” Nils Gilbertson “The Client” Frederick…