Hot Lead No. 2

Hot Lead No. 2Back by popular demand, Hot Lead No. 2 features The Art of the Western.

Justin Marriot: Flying Lead (editorial/intro)
Paul Bishop: Charro!
Tony Masero: Interviewed by Steve Myall
Tony Masero: A Gallery of Original Art
Jim O’Brien: Hombre in Suede Skin: Frank Bellamy’s Western Comics
Andreas Decker: Once Upon a Time in Germany: Ronco: A German Heftroman
Paul Bishop: Westerns in the Comics: The Development of the Comic Strip Western

Hot Lead No. 2 back coverHot Lead No. 1 June 2018
Editor: Justin Marriott
Ghost Editor: Paul Bishop
Additional Contributors: Andreas Decker, Tony Masero, Steve Myall, Jim O’Brien
6” x 9” 68 pages in color
POD only $10.00
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ISF1: Ecdysiac

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Real digest

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Digest Dolls

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J.R. Williams’ Popartz!

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ISF1: Rainy Day Revolution No. 39

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J. Michael Major’s In the Gallery

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Strangely appealing “Worlds”

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Manhunt Detective Story Monthly

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