Seventh story from Justice Amazing Detective Mysteries #2, July 1955:

Story splash page

Magnus Johnson is on trail for the murder of room steward, Rolf Pentecost. The victim allegedly molested Johnson’s wife, Cornelia, in her cabin on the Alaska Star, en route from Seattle to Juneau.

Herron’s capable prose includes moments that sparkle. Early on, Johnson declairs: “I killed the dirty rat, Judge. Why waste the Government’s money with a trial? I killed him, and I’m glad. Let’s get it over with.”

The defendant shot Pentecost at Johnson’s home, where the steward warned Cornelia he’d turn up after the ship docked. But what Johnson doesn’t know is that Pentecost was already dead, and one of the jurors, Paul, was the one in Cornelia’s bed, not the steward—at her invitation!

Fortunately, during her testimony at Johnson’s trial, Cornelia has a change of heart and Justice prevails.

Other crime stories by Edward A. Herron appear in 10-Story Detective Magazine (April 1948), Black Mask (July 1949), Mystery Tales (Dec. 1958), and a few others. He also wrote several nonfiction books about Alaska.

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