Fate #732 coverI am always grateful to see a new copy of Fate. It’s been eight months since the last issue, so it’s great to know the magazine with “True Reports of the Strange and Unknown” is still in print. The indicia states it’s bimonthly, so let’s hope now that editor Phyllis Galde has completed her move from Minnesota to North Carolina, things really will get back on schedule.

Fate #732 Contents:
I See By the Papers by Fate Staff
Phyllis Galde: From Your Editor
M. Christian “Danseuse Sauvage” The Amazing Life of Josephine Baker
Frank Joseph “Josephine Baker Mystique”
P.D. Batten “Dark Hypnosis and Political Power”
Valenya “A Visit from the Shekina?”
Dale Gilbert Jarvis “The Folklore of Phantom Drummers”
W.A. Harbinson “The Nazi UFOs”
Fate #732 backNatalie Fowler “A Paranormal Investigation at Forepaugh’s Restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota—And Its Aftermath”
Maureen St. Germain “Discovering Multiple Dimensions”
MJ Banias “The Co-Creation Hypothesis and UFOs”
James T. Farley “The Home of the Loup-Garou”
Jesse Lee Alexander “Rise of the Techno-Terrestrials”
Theo Kostaridis “The Haunting and Glass Shards”
Frederick H. Goddard “Where the Twig Bends the Water Lies” (Fate Dec. 1963)
Will Johnson “WIB”
Micah Hanks “Beyond the Known Part II”
True Mystic Experiences
My Proof of Survival
Report from the Readers
Lori Hamilton “Synchronicity from a Scientific Perspective”
Randell Brock Yarbo “The Importance of Open Mindedness”
Kay Phillips “Bigfoot Sighting”
Thomas N. Hackney “Hyperion”
The Amazing Godwin from Spirit as told to Phyllis Galde by Janice Carlson

Editor-in-Chief: Phyllis Galde
Executive Editor: Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Editor: Jamie Anderson
Editor: Natalie Fowler
Contributing Editor: Micah Hanks
Art Director: Todd Bates
Social Media: Jamie Anderson
Fate Radio Host: Todd Bates
Cover image courtesy Chez Josephine, NYC
Approximately 5.25” x 7.75” 120 pages

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