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The new Fate arrived this week.
Fate No. 736

Fate No. 736

Highlights of this issue include two articles on mermaids, a report on nature spirits, and a piece by dowser Marty Cain.

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Status Updates
The print proof of Oddities and Other Grotesques by Roman Scott arrived this week from Marc Myers. The overall package looks great, but quite a few pages require some tweaks. Mostly image adjustments to make the artwork reproduce in its best light. A little time consuming, but I progressed about half way through the book by week’s end. More to do next week.

The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 June 2020

Alec Cizak sent a few ads for the next Pulp Modern. And Ran Scott completed another illustration. We’re making good progress, and hope to wrap things up before the end of the year.

The second print proof for The Digest Enthusiast No. 13 is in St. Paul on its way to Vancouver. Although next week is probably a lousy week to release a book, I’ll do it anyway ‘cause I’m an indie publisher and there are a few folks who’ve been patiently waiting. Watch for an update next week.

In the meantime, our current issue: The Digest Enthusiast No. 12 is available in print at Lulu.com and Amazon, and in digital formats at Kindle Books and Magzter.

News Digest June 5, 2020

Nostalgia Digest Summer 2020

New Releases
Nostalgia Digest Summer 2020
Steve Darnall “Hello, Out There in Radioland!”
A Few Moments with . . . Keir Dullea
CeleBio: Barbara Stanwyck (Paramount Pictures, 1949)
Randy Turner “What it was was Mayberry” (The Andy Griffith Show)
Al Doyle “Play Ball?” When baseball’s top players went to War, a wave of youngsters. veterans and amputees ensured the game would go on.
Garry Berman “Vass You Dere, Sharlie?” Jack Pearl and the rise and fall of Baron Munchausen.
Dan McGuire “At This Theatre Next Week” Chapter Three
David Rutter “Summers of Enlightenment” How the Chautauqua movement conquered America…by offering its citizens “all things in life.”
Swimsuit Spotlight: Ava Gardner, Doris Day, Anne Baxter, Kirk Douglas, Loretta Young, Alexis Smith, Jackie Cooper, Leila Ernest, Kay Stewart, Eddie Bracken, Richard Conte, Gene Tierney, Beryl Vaughn, Jimmy Durante, Maureen O’Hara, Marie Windsor, and Ginger Rogers.
Annette Bochenek “Our (Every)man in Hollywood” James Stewart became a movie star, but never forgot his small-town roots.
Mail Call

Plus, the Radio Program Guide for Those Were the Days and WGN Radio Theatre

Nostalgia Digest Book 46 Chapter 3 Summer 2020
Editor: Steve Darnall
5.5” x 8.5” 64 pages, b&w interior
$4.50 on newsstands
Four-issue subscription $17
Eight-issue subscription $30
Nostalgia Digest website

MWM 6-20, The Blues Don't Care

Mystery Weekly Digest June 2020
Contents Page
M.C. Tuggle “The Calculus of Karma”
Martin Hill Ortiz “Afterglow”
Luke Foster “Seat 9B”
Carl Robinette “Nothing Doing”
Allan Durand “Ancient Cypress”
Arthur Vidro “Gli or Nogt?”
Robert Lopresti “In Praise of My Assassin”
Tammy Huffman “Angels Stirring”
Peter DiChellis “Gallery Thief” (A You-Solve-It)

Mystery Weekly Magazine No. 58 June 2020
Publisher: Chuck Carter
Editor: Kerry Carter
Cover: Robin Grenville-Evans
7.5” x 9.75” 94 pages
Print $6.99 Kindle $3.99
MWM Website

The history of Los Angeles figures prominently in Paul D. Marks’ just-released novel, The Blues Don’t Care (Down & Out Books). In his post this week he shares research on The Rex, a gambling boat anchored just beyond the three-mile limit, at SleuthSayers. Paul writes about The First Two Pages of the new novel at Art Taylor’s blog.

Author tribute issues of F&SF

Digest Magazine Reviews
Paul Fraser
reviews The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction and the F&SF issues from whence the stories came at SF Magazines

MWM 2-20, Commando, If 7-65

Kevin Tipple reviews Mystery Weekly Magazine Feb. 2020 at Kevin’s Corner.

James Reasoner reviews Commando: Codename Warlord at Rough Edges.

David Levinson reviews Worlds of If July 1965 at Galactic Journey.

Nick Kolakowski’s
“Scapegoat” at Rusty Barnes’ Tough Crime.

Charlotte Platt’s story “Meet the Family,” read by JD Graves for PodClash No. 3 at EconoClash Review.

Robert Lopresti posts his story “Nobody Gets Killed” from AHMM Mar/Apr 2018 at his blog.

May/Jun 2020Digests

Digest Magazine Blogs
Richard Larson
discusses hi story “Warm Math” from F&SF May/Jun 2020 at Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Robert Lopresti talks about his “In Praise of My Assassin” from MWM June 2020 at SleuthSayers.

Janet Hutchings ponders “Reading in a Time of Crisis” at EQMM’s Something is Going to Happen.

TDE Contributors’ Corner
Jack Seabrook
and Peter Enfantino review Batman No. 321, The Brave and the Bold No. 160, and Detective Comics No. 488 at bare•bones e-zine.

Jack Seabrook reviews “The Monkey’s Paw—A Retelling” from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour at bare•bones e-zine.

Brain Freeze No. 1-A & 1-B

Zine Scene
Jim Main
set out to publish a new mini comic called Brain Freeze and put out a call for SF-inspired contributions. The response was tremendous, but as they arrived he worried the repro size wouldn’t really do justice to the detailed artwork many artists sent in. So he jumped up to digest-manga-size, splitting the book into two parts to accommodate all the material. Brian Freeze No. 1 parts A and B are $3.00 each postage paid. Part A features comic and illos by John Lambert, Kevin Duncan, Verl Holt Bond, Steve Shipley, Doug Holverson, Bob Vojtko, Doc Boucher, Jon Lawrence, and Brian D. Leonard. While Part B features Jason Bullock, Jerzy Szotek, Carl Taylor, George Lane III, Tony Lorenz, and more from Steve Shipley, Jon Law- rence, John Lambert, Doug Holverson, and Brian D. Leonard. Contact Jim via FaceBook for more ordering info.

The Eternal Savage, Fate 735, Madball

Readin’ and Writin’
Haven’t read a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs in quite a few years so I decided to revisit the author with an Ace paperback edition kicking around for nearly as long. The Eternal Savage, originally titled The Eternal Lover. The science fiction aspect of this one is time travel, the necessary element that allows a prehistoric man to visit the jungles of Lord Greystoke. But Tarzan is mentioned only in passing, the caveman, Nu is the hero. He shares the spotlight with Nat-ul, the impossibly beautiful female lead. The plot and romance are serviceable, it’s the adventure and action where Burroughs excels and The Eternal Savage was quite satisfying, if not the best of others I’ve read long ago.

Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog early summer 2020

Finished reading Fate No. 735 on Monday night. Editor Phyllis Galde use her editorial to honor the memory of her friend and co-editor Rosemary Ellen Guiley who passed in July 2019. Susan Swan serves as Senior Editor on this edition that includes articles on animals lost on the Titanic, encounters with Shadow People, Sumerian “Gardener’s Sin,” the Devil’s footprints, monster hotspot Payson, Arizona, crystal skulls, UFO theories, a history of tattooing, and plenty of other true reports of the strange and unknown. In sum: a welcome edition for Spring 2020.

Finally, I read Black Gat Book No. 20: Madball by Fredric Brown. Crimes among the carneys. Stellar cast of cronies caught in a web of avarice, cons, lust, and murder. A classic novel, reprinted in a beautifully designed new package, still leveraging the best of the past, but with bright, white paper stock the first edition never glimpsed in the madball.

Lulu.com has shipped the proof of TDE12 and I anxiously await its arrival.

TDE Advertisers
The latest Bud Plant’s Incredible Catalog (Early Summer 2020) arrived this week and I was happy to see it included a listing for The Digest Enthusiast No. 11. Sign-up to Bud’s weekly eNewsletter or download the catalog at Bud’s Art Books.

Zane Grey Western Magazine Dec. 1969

Vintage Western Digest
Zane Grey Western Magazine Dec. 1969
Leo Margulies: The Open Trail (introduction)
Contents Page
Romer Zane Grey “The Other Side of the Canyon”
Clay Ringold “A Question of Faith”
James McKimmey “Showdown at Blue Bluff”
Paul Clane “Even Shoot-Out”
Walter Dallas’ A Carload of Killers
Zane Grey “The Camp Robber” (A Zane Grey Masterpiece)
Owen Wister “Timerline”
Gil Brewer “Pawnee”
C. Hall Thompson “Gun Smart”

Zane Grey Western Magazine Vol.1 No. 3 Dec. 1969
Publisher: Leo Margulies
Editorial Director: Cylvia Kleinman
Advisory Editor: Romer Grey
Advisory Editor: Dr. Loren Grey
5.25” x 7.75” 128 pages
50¢ cover price

Fate No. 734: Haunted American Castles

Fate No. 734

Fate No. 734
I See By the Papers by Fate Staff
Phyllis Galde: From Your Editor
Natalie Fowler: Top Ten Haunted American Castles
Rosemary Ellen Guiley: Mystery at Manresa Castle
Richard Senate: Did the Nazis has a super cannon Called a “V-3” to Destroy London?
Steve Smith: Is There a Monster in Lake Champlain?
Rob Ryder: Lake Vostok’s Cephalopod
Maxim W. Furek: Cannibalism’s Unspeakable Reality
Mary A. Joyce: Cherokee Little People Were Real
Bear Steals Picnic Lunch in Yogi Bear-like Fashion
Sean Casteel: Weird Winged Wonders
Cookie Laine: The Stanley Hotel
Soldiers from India find Yeti Tracks
Theo Kostaridis: Twilight and Daunting
Sir Arthur Grimble: The Calling of the Porpoise (Fate Feb. 1964)
Pope Lick Legend Claims Another Life
Barbara Arnstein: Love Through Life After Life
Alejandro Parra: Nurses’ Unusual Hospital Experiences
Judy Carroll: A Guide to the Emerging Paradigm
Chris Lovelidge: Question Everything
Kevin Swanson: The Schumann Resonance
True Mystic Experiences
My Proof of Survival
Report from the Readers
Book Reviews
The Amazing Godwin from Spirit as told to Phyllis Galde by Janice Carlson

Editor-in-Chief: Phyllis Galde
Executive Editor: Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Editors: Susan Swan, Jamie Anderson, Natalie Fowler
Social Media: Jamie Anderson
Fate Radio Host: Kat Hobson
Cover image courtesy Maxwell Drake
Approximately 5.25” x 7.75” 120 pages
Fate website

Fate No. 733: Flatwoods Monster

Fate 733

Fate No. 733
True Reports of the Strange and Unknown
I See By the Papers by Fate Staff
Phyllis Galde: From Your Editor
Marilyn Hosey: Flatwoods Monster
Rosemary Ellen Guiley: The Grafton Monster
A Nod to Stephen King
Thomas Quackenbush: Pine Bush UFOs
Umberto Visani: Men in Black
Maxim W. Furek: The Strange and Paranormal Events of Sheppton
Michael Harris Hoffman: To Civilized Mars and Beyond
W.A. Harbinson: The Timeless Mystery of Saint Germain
David Montaigne: Pole Shift
Judy Griffin: My Healing Journey with Flowers
Natalie Fowler: The Palmer House and Its Effects
Katharine Clark: The Unknown Woman of the Seine
Did the Nazis have Flying Saucers and a Base in Antarctica?
Dick Kleiner: Audrey Meadows and the Rooming House Ghost (Fate Jan. 1964)
My Proof of Survival
True Mystic Experiences
Eris Christopher: A Fascinating Account of Past Life Regression
Graham Meame: Haunted Castlegate
Lisa Hawkins: One Step Beyond
Micah Hanks: Beyond the Known part II
Classified Advertising
The Amazing Godwin from Spirit as told to Phyllis Galde by Janice Carlson

Editor-in-Chief: Phyllis Galde
Executive Editor: Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Editors: Susan Swan, Jamie Anderson, Natalie Fowler
Contributing Editor: Micah Hanks
Social Media: Jamie Anderson
Fate Radio Host: Kat Hobson
Cover image courtesy Maxwell Drake
Approximately 5.25” x 7.75” 120 pages
Fate website

Fate #732

Fate #732 coverI am always grateful to see a new copy of Fate. It’s been eight months since the last issue, so it’s great to know the magazine with “True Reports of the Strange and Unknown” is still in print. The indicia states it’s bimonthly, so let’s hope now that editor Phyllis Galde has completed her move from Minnesota to North Carolina, things really will get back on schedule.

Fate #732 Contents:
I See By the Papers by Fate Staff
Phyllis Galde: From Your Editor
M. Christian “Danseuse Sauvage” The Amazing Life of Josephine Baker
Frank Joseph “Josephine Baker Mystique”
P.D. Batten “Dark Hypnosis and Political Power”
Valenya “A Visit from the Shekina?”
Dale Gilbert Jarvis “The Folklore of Phantom Drummers”
W.A. Harbinson “The Nazi UFOs”
Fate #732 backNatalie Fowler “A Paranormal Investigation at Forepaugh’s Restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota—And Its Aftermath”
Maureen St. Germain “Discovering Multiple Dimensions”
MJ Banias “The Co-Creation Hypothesis and UFOs”
James T. Farley “The Home of the Loup-Garou”
Jesse Lee Alexander “Rise of the Techno-Terrestrials”
Theo Kostaridis “The Haunting and Glass Shards”
Frederick H. Goddard “Where the Twig Bends the Water Lies” (Fate Dec. 1963)
Will Johnson “WIB”
Micah Hanks “Beyond the Known Part II”
True Mystic Experiences
My Proof of Survival
Report from the Readers
Lori Hamilton “Synchronicity from a Scientific Perspective”
Randell Brock Yarbo “The Importance of Open Mindedness”
Kay Phillips “Bigfoot Sighting”
Thomas N. Hackney “Hyperion”
The Amazing Godwin from Spirit as told to Phyllis Galde by Janice Carlson

Editor-in-Chief: Phyllis Galde
Executive Editor: Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Editor: Jamie Anderson
Editor: Natalie Fowler
Contributing Editor: Micah Hanks
Art Director: Todd Bates
Social Media: Jamie Anderson
Fate Radio Host: Todd Bates
Cover image courtesy Chez Josephine, NYC
Approximately 5.25” x 7.75” 120 pages