Fate No. 734

Fate No. 734
I See By the Papers by Fate Staff
Phyllis Galde: From Your Editor
Natalie Fowler: Top Ten Haunted American Castles
Rosemary Ellen Guiley: Mystery at Manresa Castle
Richard Senate: Did the Nazis has a super cannon Called a “V-3” to Destroy London?
Steve Smith: Is There a Monster in Lake Champlain?
Rob Ryder: Lake Vostok’s Cephalopod
Maxim W. Furek: Cannibalism’s Unspeakable Reality
Mary A. Joyce: Cherokee Little People Were Real
Bear Steals Picnic Lunch in Yogi Bear-like Fashion
Sean Casteel: Weird Winged Wonders
Cookie Laine: The Stanley Hotel
Soldiers from India find Yeti Tracks
Theo Kostaridis: Twilight and Daunting
Sir Arthur Grimble: The Calling of the Porpoise (Fate Feb. 1964)
Pope Lick Legend Claims Another Life
Barbara Arnstein: Love Through Life After Life
Alejandro Parra: Nurses’ Unusual Hospital Experiences
Judy Carroll: A Guide to the Emerging Paradigm
Chris Lovelidge: Question Everything
Kevin Swanson: The Schumann Resonance
True Mystic Experiences
My Proof of Survival
Report from the Readers
Book Reviews
The Amazing Godwin from Spirit as told to Phyllis Galde by Janice Carlson

Editor-in-Chief: Phyllis Galde
Executive Editor: Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Editors: Susan Swan, Jamie Anderson, Natalie Fowler
Social Media: Jamie Anderson
Fate Radio Host: Kat Hobson
Cover image courtesy Maxwell Drake
Approximately 5.25” x 7.75” 120 pages
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