Spinetingler Magazine Fall 2017

When the Past and Present Converge by Sandra Ruttan
“K for Karen” by Tracy Falenwolfe
“That’s What Happened” by Karin Montin
Author Feature: Leo W. Banks with Sandra Ruttan
“Heaven’s Crooked Finger” by Hank Early, review by Rusty Barnes
“Trail of Bloodcrumbs” by Brandon McNulty
Bedside Stories of James Oswald
“The Settlement” by Jennifer Soosar
Author Feature: Jason Ridler with Brian Lindemuth
“Child Fighter” by S.B. Watson
Bedside Stories of Angel Luis Colón
“Consequences” by Bern Sy Moss
“It’s All Litter to Me” by B.V. Lawson
Author Snapshot: Laura Ellen Scott with Sandra Ruttan
Author Snapshot: Con Lehane with Sandra Ruttan
Author Snapshot: Rusty Barnes with Sandra Ruttan
Author Snapshot: Mindy Tarquini with Sandra Ruttan
“Napa Hospitality” by Nick Kolakowski
“Kevin Robs a Bank” by David Rachels
Bedtime Stories of Robb White
“Illusions” by Albert Tucher
Author Snapshot: Eryk Pruitt with Sandra Ruttan

Publisher: Down & Out Books
Editor: Sandra Ruttan
Contributing Editor: Jack Getze
Cover design: Lance Wright
150 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”
$10.99 POD, $5.99 Kindle ($1.99 with print version)
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