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TDE8: Western Magazine spread

The print proof for The Digest Enthusiast book eight is due May 17th. If the final review goes smoothly, the print and digital versions should be available near the end of the month.

Among the features inside is Peter Enfantino’s overview and synopses of Western Magazine and its pardner publication, 3-Book Western. Here’s an excerpt:

“By 1955, western fiction was everywhere. On the TV, on the radio, in paperbacks, in the funny books and, perhaps most of all, in the pulps. A good percentage of the oaters (in all the various print incarnations) were published by Martin Goodman and his publishing empire. When Good- man decided to add digests to his résumé, he did so with an uncharacteristic tentativeness . . .”

Paperback Parade #101 masthaed

Paperback Parade #101 April 2018

Contents Gary Lovisi: Paperback Talk Gary Lovisi “The Steve Bentley Thrillers” Linda Pendleton “A Meeting of the Minds: Don and Linda Pendelton” Jon D. Swartz “The Ace/Ballantine Rivalry Over the Books of Edgar Rice Burroughs” Gary…

Odysseus Rex masthead

Odysseus Rex

Available now, direct from its creator, the Odysseus Rex ashcan. Longtime TDE contributor, Michael Neno is working on a graphic novel, an “adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey, written and drawn in the style of bombastic mainstream…

Story Title

Arthur Vidro’s EQMM #1

From the Potpourri section of The Misadventures of Ellery Queen anthology edited by Josh Pachter and Dale C. Andrews: Arthur Vidro’s tale “The Ransom of EQMM #1” leverages a bit of “The World’s Best Selling Mystery…

Analog May/Jun 2018 masthead

Analog May/Jun 2018

Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Astounding) Vol. 138 #5 & 6 May/Jun 2018 Contents Trevor Quachri: Editorial: Thank-You Notes Wil McCarthy “The Last Biker Gang” art by Joel Iskowitz James & Dominic Benford: Science Fact: Seeing…

F&SF May/Jun 2018 masthead

Fantasy and Science Fiction May/Jun 2018

Fantasy and Science Fiction Vol. 134 No. 5 and 6, #737, May/Jun 2018 Contents Amman Sabet “Tender Loving Plastics” Stephanie Feldman “The Barrens” Pip Coen “Inquisitive” Charles de Lint: Books to Look For James Sallis: Books…

Butrum Beaver No. 1 masthead

Bob Vojtko’s Butrum Beaver

Yesterday’s mail brought a new mini comic, a classic 8-page style mini comic, from TDE contributor Bob Vojtko. It’s filled with single-page comics and gag cartoons featuring Butrum Beaver who’s just turned 50. He’s feeling his…

Story title

Lawrence Block’s Death of Mallory Queen

From the Potpourri section of The Misadventures of Ellery Queen anthology edited by Josh Pachter and Dale C. Andrews: Grand Master Lawrence Block provides “The Death of Mallory Queen,” which first appeared in Futures Mystery Jan/Feb…

AHMM May/Jun 2018 masthead

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine May/Jun 2018

Contents Linda Landrigan: Plots, Schemes, Entrapments (introduction) The Lineup Emily Devenport “10,432 Serial Killers (In Hell)” art by Scott Fisher Mark Lagasse: Mixed-Up Sleuths (puzzle) John H. Dirckx “Blowout at the Carnival” Jane K. Cleland “I…

F&SF Feb. 1961 masthead

Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse

Excerpt from Joe Wehrle, Jr.’s review of the Hothouse series by Brian Aldiss, from The Digest Enthusiast book six: “I have a most vivid recollection of receiving my February subscription copy of Fantasy and Science Fiction…