Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 1

Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 1The first new print edition of Amazing Stories since 2005 debuted in August at WorldCon 2018.

Steve Davidson: Publisher’s Note
Robert Silverberg: The Observatory
Jack Clemons “Citizens of the Solar System” (Science Column)
Allen M. Steele “Captain Future In Love” part one
Lawrence Watt-Evans “Harry’s Toaster”
Rudy Rucker “Apricot Lane”
Dave Creek “Beyond Human Measure”
Shirley Meier “Flight of an Arrow”
Kameron Hurley “Sister Solveig and Mr. Denial”
Julie Czerneda “Foster Earth”
Paul Levinson “Slipping Time”
Drew Hayden Taylor “When Angles Come Knocking”
Tade Thompson interviewed by Gary Dalkin
Steve Fahnestalk: SF on Film (Review)
Ira Nayman: We Are the Stories We Tell (Editorial)

Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 1 Fall/WorldCon 2018
Publisher: Steve Davidson
Editor in Chief: Ira Nayman
Art Director: Kermit Woodall
Artists: Tony Sart (cover), Ron Miller, Tom Barber, David Hardy, Paola Giari, M.D. Jackson, Dan Simon, Austeja, Al Sirois, Tais Teng, Richard Mandrachio, Wojciech Dudziński, J.M. Frey/Dan Simon, Ngoc Lam, and Gil Geolingo.
104 pages, 8.5” x 11” saddle-stitch binding
Four-Issue Subscriptions: Digital $15.95, Print $34.95
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