Pulp Literature No. 15


A.M. Soto’s Pack Up Your Troubles

Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017

Stories from Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017:

A.M. Soto’s short story, “Pack Up Your Troubles,” alternates between the internal and external perspectives of one of Earth’s invaders. The story unfolds through the narrative’s shifts in orientation, and the twists of expectations provide enough entertainment to keep things interesting

My thanks to Kevin Tipple and James Reasoner for their recent posts about The Digest Enthusiast No. 9.

Mel Anastasiou’s The Highwayman’s Deception

Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017

Stories from Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017:

Much of “The Seven Swans, Book Four: The Highwayman’s Deception” by Mel Anastasiou is a self-contained adventure/romance set in olde England. Three chapters frame the tale of Spencer Stevens’ past life, while eight immerse the reader in his captivating adventure there as he courts the life of the highwayman and his teacher, the provocative Charlotte. Anastasiou is the acquisitions editor for Pulp Literature, and her stories appear regularly in the magazine.

Brenda Carre’s Gret

Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017Stories from Pulp Literature No. 15 Summer 2017:

“Gret” by Brenda Carre sets the issue’s opening bar high. It’s the first chapter of a forthcoming novel of the same name, so beautifully written it overshadows any hesitation of reading an excerpt, so don’t miss out. Gret’s world is harsh and dangerous, filled with magic and intrigue. Carre’s skill with dialect in narration and dialogue transports you to Gret’s world at once. “I grabbed Isk’s meat knife and a bannock or two for my tattered pockets and I was out that windee and into the shore mist faster than a clam can fart.” A three-page interview with Carre follows her novel’s chapter.