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Weirdbook No. 39

Weirdbook No. 39Contents
Doug Draa: From the Editor’s Tower
Franklyn Searight “Horror Around the Bend”
Frank Coffman “En Carpre Noctis” (verse)
Samson Stormcrow Hayes “A Tiny Cut”
Marlane Quade Cook “Posthumous”
Darrell Schweitzer “Pages from an Invisible Book”
Lorenzo Crescentini “That Name was Evoc” translated by Clara Nowlan
Julio Toro San Martin & Hank Simmons “The Cursed” (verse)
Jackie Bee “Misdiagnosed”
Frederick J. Mayer “Dog Drool”
Teege Braune “The Venusian Mantis”
Denny E. Marshall “Great Time Machine” (verse)
Ken Heuler “The Colors of the Gods”
Hannah Lackoff “Spawning Ground”
Lily Luchesi “Curse of the Dark Queen”
Rebecca House “Monika Unraveling”
Jason A. Zwiker “Crawling with Them”
James Machin “Seven Sisters”
Michael Washburn “The House in the Mountains”
Thomas Vaughn “Eyes Without a Face”
Richie Brown “Chartley Chowder”
Richard J. O’Brien “Dominion Over Abbadon”
Frank Schildiner “Divine Wind of the Dark”
Bekki Pate “Skrik”
Ed Burkley “The Ferryman’s Journal”
Mark A. Fitch “Demiurge”
Kyla Lee Ward “And in Her Eyes the City Drowned”
John R. Fultz “Clouds Like Memories, Words Like Stones”
Adrian Cole “Up the Lazy River”
Lucy Snyder “Bad Night” (verse)
Jessica Amanda Salmonson “Songs of the Quail” (verse)
Chad Hensley “Sylvan Simalcrum”
Russ Parkhurst “Mister Dorton’s Cats”
James P. Roberts “Miskatonic Etudes” (verse)
Kurt Newton “The Autumn People”

Weirdbook No. 39 back coverWeirdbook Vol. 2 No. 9, No. 39 July 2018
Publisher/Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Doug Draa
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Cover: Vukkostic
Interior Artwork: Allen Koszowski
252 pages, 6” x 9”
$12.00 POD, $3.99 Kindle*
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Black Cat Mystery Magazine #2

Black Cat Mystery Magazine #2 coverContents
John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe: From the Cat’s Perch
Charlie Hughes “The Cleansing Soil”
Michael Bracken “Skirts”
Elizabeth Zelvin “A Disturbance in the Harem”
Shout Out to Art Taylor
Debra H. Goldstein “A Weighty Matter”
Steve Shrott “Buried Secrets”
Cynthia Benjamin “Jacob’s Ladder”
BK Stevens “Things Past”
Trey R. Barker “Thin Blood”
John M. Floyd “Two in the Bush”
John Hegenberger “The Bad Sleep”
Melba Marlett “The Second Mrs. Porter”

Black Cat Mystery Magazine #2 back coverBlack Cat Mystery Magazine #2 Spring 2018
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
Editors: John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe
Cover: Prudkov/Fotolia
6” x 9” 138 pages
POD $10.00 Kindle $3.99
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Weirdbook #38

Weirdbook #38 coverContents
Doug Draa: From the Editor’s Tower
Michael Bracken “Harlot Road”
John C. Hocking “With a Poet’s Eyes”
Robert Graves “The Wishing Well”
Darrell Schweitzer “O King of Pain and Splendor!”
Adrian Cole “You’d Do It for Diamonds” (Nick Nightmare)
Franklyn Searight “Dreadful Appetite”
R.C. Mulhare “The Handmaid of the Key”
Russ Parkhurst “The Old Rock” (verse)
Allen Mark Price “Blue Moon”
C.I. Kemp “She Who Gives Life”
W.H. Pugmire “An Implement of Ice”
Sharon Cullars “Night of the Circus”
Tim Jeffreys “Wolvers Hill”
Lorenzo Crescentini “Rafts” translation by Lisa Kramer Taruschio
Edward Ahern “Clean Sweep”
Frederick J. Mayer “Sleeping with Mad Shadows” (verse)
Cynthia Ward “Leaving Malaga”
Greg Chamberlain “Cattle Call”
Jeff Barnes “The Liquid Professor” (verse)
J.N. Cameron “Abomination is Her Name”
Kenneth Bykerk “Kachina” (Bajazid)
David J. Gibbs “Flat is Flat and That is That”
Chad Hensley “The Toad Stool People” (verse)
Scott Harper “Death is Not My Master”
Clay F. Johnson “The Promise of a Polidori Sore Throat” (verse)
Andrew Ivey “This Hungry Earth” (verse)

Weirdbook Vol. 2 No. 8, #38 March 2018
Publisher/Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Editor: Doug Draa
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Cover: Alexandra Petruk
Interior Artwork: Allen Koszowski
190 pages, 6” x 9”
$12.00 POD, $3.99 Kindle
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