Magazine of Horror #19 Jan. 1968 cover
Magazine of Horror #19 Jan. 1968 Cover by Virgil Finlay

“The Red Witch” by Nictzin Dyalhis (Weird Tales Apr. 1932)
“The Last Letter from Norman Underwood” by Larry Eugene Meredith
“The Jewels of Vishnu” by Harriet Bennett (The Strand Magazine Jan. 1904)
“The Man from Cincinatti” by Holloway Horn (Astounding Nov. 1933)
“Ground Afire” by Anna Hunger
“The Wind in the Rose-Bush” by Mary Wilkins-Freeman (The Wind in the Rose-Bush)
“The Last of Placide’s Wife” by Kirk Mashburn (Weird Tales Sep. 1932)
“The Years Are As a Knife” by Robert E. Howard (verse)

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