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Broadswords and Blasters #4 cover

From the Editors
Richard L. Rubin “Commander Saturn and the Deadly Invaders from Rigel”
Karen Thrower “Demons Within”
Steve DuBois “Monsters in Heaven”
Benjamin Cooper “A Brush with Death”
Freddie Silva, Jr. “Granny May Saves the Day”
C.B. Droege “Regarding the Journal of Jessix Rutherford and Its Connection to the Beacon’s Tower Island Massacre of 1446 AR”
Chad Eagleton “The Lady and the Gunsmith”
D.J. Tyrer “The Sewers of Paris”

Broadswords and Blasters #4 back cover

Editors: Matthew X. Gomez, Cameron Mount
Cover: Luke Spooner
6” x 9”, 98 pages
POD $6.99, Kindle $2.99 (free with print version)

Broadswords and Blasters website

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