AHMM 3/4 2018 coverContents
Linda Landrigan: Crime Travels (introduction)
The Lineup
Dara Carr “Off-Off-Off Broadway”
R.T. Lawton “The Left Hand of Leonard”
Tom Larsen “Los Cantantes de Karaoke” A Wilson Salinas Mystery of Ecuador, art by Hank Blaustein
Solution to Jan/Feb “Dying Words”
Bill Pronzini & Barry N. Malzberg “Night Walker”
Mysterious Photograph $25 fiction contest “Don’t let the grass grow under your wheels!”
Michael Bracken “The Mourning Man”
Max Gersh “Fair Game”
Arlene Fisher: Dying Words acrostic puzzle
Dale Berry “The Trail” (comic)
Michael A. Black “Walking on Water”
Robert Lopresti “Nobody Gets Killed”
Robert C. Hahn: Booked & Printed
Shauna Washington “Knockoffs”
Tim Chapman “Handy Man”
Martin Limón “High Explosive” art by Tim Foley
Mario Milosevic “The Hitchhiker’s Tale”
The Story That Won (Nov/Dec) “Widow’s Tears” by Jess Harris
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AHMM 3/4 2018 backAlfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Vol. 63 #3 & 4 Mar/Apr 2018
Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Linda Landrigan
Associate Editor: Jackie Sherbow
Senior Director of Art & Production: Porter C. McKinnon
Senior AD: Victoria Green
Cover: Czgur/iStock.com
192 pages
$7.99 on newsstands until April 24, 2018
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine website

AHMM and EQMM Mystery Value Pack-8 $7.95
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Mystery Double Issue Value Pack-12 $15.95

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