Worlds of StrangeneSS #2 coverLate in 2016, Nigel Taylor launched a new zine of horror, science fiction, and fantasy stories: Worlds of StrangeneSS. I suspect the “SS” on end represents deviance and perhaps “Short Stories.” The editor and the zine hail from across the pond, so it was not on my radar until Nigel invited me to review a copy. I will delve into the second issue (October 2017) after I’ve read it, either here or in The Digest Enthusiast book eight (due June 2018), but felt I should share the contents and key specs in today’s post.

Nigel Taylor: The Stranger Speaks (introduction)
Cover Story “The Lost World Lost”
Andy Boot “Pulped!” conclusion from issue one
Franklin Marsh “Computer Wild”
The Stranger Investigates: Parallel Lives: Magritte and Hergé
The Stranger Presents: “The Cold Light of Stars”
“Mr Hide” Micronicles #4 [Micronicles = Flash Fiction]
Graham Andrews “The Lights in the Sky Aren’t Stars”
Mister Gogue “It’s a Strange, Strange, Strange, Strange World”
“Palm” Micronicles #5
Strange Mails
Jojo Lapin X “Spaceman” Micronicles #6

Worlds of StrangneSS #2, October 2017
Editor: Nigel Taylor
Editorial Assistance: Kev Demant
Technical Assistance: Jon Taylor
~6” x 8” 68 pages, saddle-stitched
Print £8
Worlds of StrangneSS website

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