Paperback Parade #101 coverContents
Gary Lovisi: Paperback Talk
Gary Lovisi “The Steve Bentley Thrillers”
Linda Pendleton “A Meeting of the Minds: Don and Linda Pendelton”
Jon D. Swartz “The Ace/Ballantine Rivalry Over the Books of Edgar Rice Burroughs”
Gary Lovisi “Discovering James Warner Bellah”
Richard Greene: Matchless Paperbacks: Connelley, Bosch, and 9 Dragons
John Fraser “The Early Novels of Darcy Glinto”
Richard L. Kellogg “Leo-Roi: The Millionaire Sleuth”
Gary Lovisi “Sin Town: Sleaze Noir at its Best”

Paperback Parade #101 back coverEditor: Gary Lovisi
Designer: Richard Greene
~5.5” x 8.5” 100 pages, full color throughout
$15 + postage for a single issue
$40 for three-issue subscription
Gryphon Books website

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