Down & Out: The Magazine No. 4Contents
Rick Ollerman: A Few Clues From the Editor
Arthur Klepchukov “A Damn Fine Town”
John Shepphird “Headhunter”
Brian Silverman “Scotch Bonnet”
J. Kingston Pierce: Placed in Evidence (book reviews)
Michael Stanley “Shoot to Kill” (feature story)
Rick Ollerman: A Few Cents a Word
Frederick C. Davis “Blood on the Block” (Dime Detective Magazine Dec. 15, 1933)
Robb T. White “Inside Man”
Lissa Marie Redmond “We Don’t Talk About Lester Anymore”

Down & Out: The Magazine No. 4 back coverEditor: Rick Ollerman
Cover design: Lance Wright, Cover photo: Peter Rozovsky
5.5” x 8.5”, 178 pages
POD $12.99, Kindle $5.99
Down & Out: The Magazine website (subscriptions available)

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