Analog May/June 2019

Analog Science Fiction and Fact (Astounding) Vol. 134 No. 5 & 6 May/June 2019
Stanley Schmidt’s Editorial: John and Me: An Alternate View of the Late John Campbell
Harry Turtledove “Bonehunters”
John J. Vester’s Science Fact: The Venus Sweet Spot: Floating Home
Stanley Schmidt “The Methuselah Generation” art by Kurt Huggins
Liam Hogan “Galena”
In Times to Come (July/Aug. Preview)
Frank Smith “Cactus Season”
Wendy Nikel “12:20 Bus from the Basics”
Bruce McAllister “A Former Planetary Ruler Speaks”
John G. Cramer’s The Alternate View: Opus 200: How Big is the Proton?
Joe M. McDermott “Full Metal Mother”
Biolog: Joe M. McDermott by Richard L. Lovett
Mary E. Lowd “The Three Laws of Social Robotics”
Bud Sparhawk “Mulligan”
J.T. Sharrah “Forgetfulness”
Edward M. Lerner “The Gates of Paradise”
Dave Creek “The Dominant Heart Begins to Race” art by Josh Meehan
Phoebe Barton “Midway on the Waves”
Eric Cline “Paradigm Shift”
Cynthia Ward “On Stony Ground” art by Tomislav Tikulin
Mary Soon Lee “How to Time Travel” (verse)
Alex Shvartsman “Repairs at the Beijing West Space Elevator”
David Ebenbach “Welcome to Your Machines”
Marissa Lingen “Painting the Massive Planet”
Guy Stewrt’s Probability Zone: Robotic Space Killers; Autonomous. Broke.
Josh Pearce “Leave Your Iron at the Door”
Bruce Boston “At the Natural History Museum” (verse)
Alec Nevala-Lee “At the Fall” art by Eldar Zakirov
Don Sakers: The Reference Library
Brass Tacks (Letters)
Classified Marketplace
Anthony Lewis: Upcoming Events

Publisher: Peter Kanter
Editor: Trevor Quachri
Associate Editor: Emily Hockaday
Editorial Assistant: Deanna McLafferty
Senior Art Director: Victoria Green
Cover: Tomislav Tikulin
208 pages, $7.99 on newsstands until June 18, 2018
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