Amazing Stories No. 4

Amazing Stories Vol. 76 No. 4 Summer 2019
Ira Nyman’s From the Editor’s Desk: Practical Advice for Impractical Situations
Amazing Cover Artist: Yoko Matsuoka
Gary Dalkin: Rachel Armstrong Interview
Jack Clemons’ Citizens of the Solar System: Neil Armstrong
David Gerrold “Follow the Other Brick Road or In The Land of the Wurlikins” art by Roberto Armas
M.J. Moores “Shadow Phoenix Episode I: Answering the Call” (excerpt) art by Melisa Des Rosiers
Jen Frankel “Home-O-Cide” art by Anton Oxenuk
Tatiana Ivanova “The Scheduled War” translated by Alex Shvartsman, art by HMW
Cathy Smith “Canuck Commodities and Futures” art by Olivia Beelby
Brad Preslar “Worth Doing Wrong” art by Tom Miller
Brian Rappatta “The Prufrock Whisperer” art by Ron Miller
Jo Miles “#SaveJade” art by M.D. Jackson
Shirley Meier’s Throwing Rocks at the Void, art by Staff
Ricky Brown’s Inspiring Books for Amazing Stories Readers
Uche Ogbuji, Mary Soon Lee, R. Gene Turchin, and Jerri Hardesty (verses)
Steve Fahnestalk: William Gibson Interview, art by Pratap Sharma

Publisher: Steve Davidson
Editor-in-Chief: Ira Nayman
Art Director: Kermit Woodall
Cover: Yoko Matsuoka
Full size magazine: 8.5” x 11” 94 pages
Available at select conventions and by subscription from the Amazing Stories website

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