Galaxy March 1970

Ejler Jakobsson: Man in Eternity
Algis Budrys: Galaxy Bookshelf
Harlan Ellison “The Region Between”
Leo P. Kelley “The Propheteer”
George C. Willick “A Place of Strange”
Robert Silverberg “Downward to the Earth” Part IV conclusion
Vaughn Bodé “Sunpot” (comic)
Robert F. Young “Reflections”

Galaxy Magazine Vol. 29 No. 6 March 1970
Publisher: Arnold E. Abramson
Associ. Publisher: Bernard Williams
Editor: Ejler Jakobsson
Editor Emeritus: Frederik Pohl
Science Editor: Donald H. Menzel
Feature Editor: Lester del Rey
Managing Editor: Judy-Lynn Benjamin
Art Director: Franc L. Roggeri
Assoc. Art Director: Jack Gaughan
Cover and interior art: Jack Gaughan

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