Galaxy July 1970

Contents Page
Ejler Jakobsson: Asbestos, Too
Robert A. Heinlein “I Will Fear No Evil” Part I art by Jack Gaughan
Robert Silverberg “The Throwbacks” (Urban Monad) art by Jack Gaughan
Lauri Virta’s Containers for the Condition of Man with photos by Leroy Woodson
Wilma Shore “Goodbye Amanda Jean” art by Jack Gaughan
Galaxy Stars: Anne McCaffrey
R.A. Lafferty “The All-At-Once Man” art by Jack Gaughan
Dannie Plachta “The Hookup” art by Jack Gaughan
Andrew J. Offutt “Ask a Silly Question” art by Jack Gaughan
Anne McCaffrey “Sittik” art by Jack Gaughan
Algis Budrys: Galaxy Bookshelf
— Anne McCaffrey The Ship Who Sang
— C.L Moore Jirel of Joiry

Galaxy Magazine Vol. 30 No. 4 July 1970
Publisher: Arnold E. Abramson
Assoc. Publisher: Bernard Williams
Editor: Ejler Jakobsson
Science Editor: Donald H. Menzel
Feature Editor: Lester del Rey
Managing Editor: Judy-Lynn Benjamin
Art Director: Franc L. Roggeri
Assoc. Art Director: Jack Gaughan
Cover: Jack Gaughan
5.25” x 7.75” 160 pages 60¢

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